I’m Ivan, co-founder of Wattpad - AMA



I’m Ivan, co-founder of Wattpad. I’ll be hanging out in the Community for the next hour. Ask me anything, I will do my best to respond!

AMA with Ivan Yuen today at 2p!
What would you do if you'd win the Wattys?
AMA with Ivan Yuen today at 2p!

Hey Ivan! Thanks for taking the time to do this with us :smile:


Hey Ivan. Thank you very much for this opportunity :slight_smile:


I am looking forward to a fun hour :slight_smile:


Hello, Ivan. It’s really amazing to be able to speak to you here!

First off is a question that we’ve all been asking… Why is Wattpad called Wattpad?


Has Ivan considered any kind of Peer To Peer crowd funding options? Why not everyone, some of us prefer decentralized, or blockchain based platforms.

(Although as an aside, Wattpad is kind of my exception.)

Did you figure out my clues?

I am moving some questions over from the pre-AMA discussion thread :slight_smile:


Hi Ivan! I’m an Ambassador and I’m currently situated in Malaysia. Will there be any big Wattpad project in the Asian market?


These Are my questions- Mine are going to be focused more on site improvement rather than questions about Wattpad, As this might be my only chance for you to answer these; I know you’re busy so I’m really glad you’re doing this. Thank you!

  1. Can you please bring back an instant messaging system as Inboxing people can go un-noticed something like Facebooks Messaging system where you can turn on Do not disturb, Also the ability to add people to group chats, would be amazing.

  2. Is there capability to add Co-Authors, Editors, and Cover Makers in our book, even if it’s kinda like the Cast System now, That could show below the summary of the book, or maybe where the copyright information is listed. This way everyone who helps make your story gets official credits, putting them in the book bothers people because they don’t want too many extra parts.

  3. Can there also be an area for trailers? That way the people who don’t want to scroll through hundreds of books and descriptions don’t have too. Sometimes Trailers are better than descriptions are a big way people find published books now a days, It wouldn’t effect much but would also give writers another huge way to promote themselves- You could also get more revenue out of this by playing short ad’s before the videos.

  4. Can we get a Official Review area, Where instead of when you click on a book and it shows the recent comments, it can show reviews of the book, Would make the review area on the forums a lot more useful.

  5. Can we get a way for people to collaborate in realtime when writing a book? Offering this will make a lot of authors use Wattpad for writing rather than most going to google docs or etc; Currently most writers do not write using wattpads software.

  6. Last one; I promise and I’m sure this won’t be the first or last time you’ve seen this one. can you please bring back the newsfeed being the homepage, Right now the newsfeed is absolutely useless and no one ever sees my posts and I don’t see theirs; Kinda takes the fun out of following people if you don’t remember to check up on them. There’s a lot of people who don’t check their emails and don’t see the “This user wants you to know” type stuff that’s sent when sending out a message.

  7. This isn’t a question but rather a thank you- Thank you for helping make this platform. I’ve been here for 6 years going on 7, and without this platform a lot of people I have as friends I wouldn’t have even met.


There are two reasons for the name:

  1. Back when Wattpad started, we were on old mobile phones that use T9 input, (abc, def, etc.) and we wanted a name that was easy to type.
  2. Watt = Power, Pad = Writing Surface. The name represents the power of writing.


We have many projects going on in Asia. The two biggest markets for Wattpad right now is Philippines and Indonesia, watch for more books, TV shows and movies from Wattpad in the near future!


Wow, that’s exciting! Will there be anything coming soon in the Malaysian market?



I was wondering, what happened to Racoon? I couldn’t find it anymore in Play Store.


I love reason #2. With all the influence Wattpad has now, I think it definitely lives up to its name.


Hi, @ivanyuen

I understand one of your Wattpad works is a script. What are your own thoughts about posting scripts on Wattpad? Will it get easier to format various screenplays or stage plays or comic book scripts? Or, perhaps have we/will we develope/d our own Wattpad version of formatting scripts (doesn’t rely as much on indenting, etc.) that may come to be easily adapted to various other media? Do you think we need a separate tag or category for scripts?


Let me answer them in order:

  1. I hope we will continue to improve communications on Wattpad, and this new Community is an example of that. We want to make this type of group, topic-based discussion accessible to more people!
  2. Adding collaborators is a good idea. I will pass this on to the team.
  3. Interesting idea, maybe a filter to only show stories that have trailers. I’m not sure just looking at random trailers is helpful, so it’ll still be important to filter by genre, keywords, etc.
  4. We will look for different ways to surface useful reviews, whether in the comments, in the forums or elsewhere.
  5. This is a very good use case. We may consider it in the future, or by making it easier to use your existing writing software.
  6. Thanks for your feedback on the newsfeed, I think we all agree it can be a lot more useful with some improvements.
    Thanks for your questions!


We’ve stopped supporting Raccoon last month. You can read more about it in our announcement here: https://raccoonapp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000492846-Raccoon-is-Winding-Down-on-May-1


Thank you!


First, thank you so much for creating Wattpad. I love the connection between reader and writer here.

Here’s my question: A lot of people are concerned that the new ranking system, with its reliance on tags instead of genres, is making good books more difficult to find.

  • Mature books are appearing at the top of every list, even if they don’t fit the tag/genre.
  • The search feature doesn’t work well (sometimes you can even search on the book’s name and it doesn’t turn up).
  • The tag lists are inconsistent and no one knows how to find them except to click on your book’s page (in which case they have already found your book). My profile says I’m #something in a list, I click on that list, and my book isn’t there.
  • Tags that show up when you’re browsing are not terribly useful (like under Science Fiction, there is scifi and fiction, 2 tags already included in the genre description).
  • Because of the inconsistency, the ranking system seems very buggy.
  • It would help if Wattpad HQ could communicate about whether or not it plans to keep this system, and how we can better make use of it if so.

What is your take on the new tagging system, and where do you see Wattpad going with that? Any chance of a return to the Genre system, with tags used as sub-topics only?

Thank you!!