i make covers & picspams (+premades) in lucifer's hell - open


accepted; i’ll just do whatever i feel suits your story then- please complete payment! :emmab:


thanks so much! i’ll get right on it :slight_smile:


ok payment is complete now!!


a’right, got it :ok_hand: :wheart:


Hello, your picspam’s ready for collection :wheart: I’ve been playing with the filters so you can choose any one you prefer, haha:

(drag into new tab to enlarge)

Do lmk if you’ll be using them & thanks for requesting! :emmab: :bluehearts:


They’re great, thank you :slight_smile:


Hey, your cover’s ready for collection :bluehearts: I couldn’t decide on which one so you can choose any one you like:

burning%20blue%20 burning%20blue%202 burning%20blue%205 burning%20blue%203 burning%20blue%207
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Please lmk if you’ll be using them-- thank you for requesting!! :calmwolf: :winterstars:


Hey! Thank you for giving this opportunity man, clasps your shoulder with a wide grin

Title: Chasing Greyson King
Subtitle: How much will it take for you to stop playing his game?
Author: CrazyMarsha
Story description: Sort of you typical bad boy but he’s older. He’s the king of all media and the mafia world.
Graphic mood: Dangerous and daring?
Colours: Black, white, grey, dark colors
Songs that matches: Why wont you love me by 5 seconds of summer
Payment option: Chapter dedicated especially to you
Anything else: There’s this dude that I think might fit it but I’m not sure what you would want. I want you to make it as your own. His name’s Toni Mahfud. Also it’d be great if there’s like smoke coming from his mouth and tattoos on his left arm.

Thanks!! :smile:


accepted; please complete payment of a 3+ lined comment on the first chapter of “Elowen’s Yellow Cloth” on my profile and do the dedication after delivery. also, i’ll try to use your face claim but if i can’t find a suitable picture, rest assured i will find another macho lady-killer for your cover


Badoomph. done. I realy like your story btw. Awaiting your update on it :wink:


i’ll definitely be using them, thanks so much!!!


cover form

title: re:love

subtitle*: n/a

author: michelle solei

describe your story in 1-3 sentences: a girl who loathed the ideal of love until her friend signs her up on a popular dating app and meets an eye candy that changes her perspective for good.

what you want your graphic to look like: i would like maggie lindlemann as the face claim
https://imgur.com/0jomukM , https://imgur.com/txQ7aH5 , https://imgur.com/WD3MbxO, and maybe have her sitting down and the background could be either a busy city or a waterfall or maybe a dark setting with the moon and some fireflies

mood (sad, happy, soothing, etc’): light & soothing with a hint of dark


any graphics/songs you think can inspire me*:


preferred payment option: 3+ comment & a follow !

anything else*: tysm <3


Hey do you make story banners?


cover form
title: Fallen Angel

author: Genevieve Hope

describe your story in 1-3 sentences: So basically a girl becomes a caretaker for an old man. She falls in love with the old man’s son, but she has an awful past so she is not willing to love him. He tries to seduce her.

what you want your graphic to look like: I would really like the cover to not have any faces where you can identify them. I provided a fantastic example.

mood (sad, happy, soothing, etc’): Sort of dark and sad. Some hope involved, so not too dark.

colours: Somewhat dark, somewhat light lol. Blues, reds, whites, gold, silver, pink

any graphics/songs you think can inspire me*: I provided an image above.

preferred payment option: Whatever you would prefer. I will do anything.

anything else*: Thank you very much.


Hey, your graphics are so beautiful. But sad that you don’t accept fanfic covers


accepted, please complete payment! :wheart:


atm nope, but i’ll tag u if i happen to in the future :calmwolf:


hey, can you give me more ideas? like what kind of person you want on the cover (gender, appearance, pose etc’), and what you’d like for the background


hey and thank you so much! :winterstars: it makes me very happy that you think that. and to specify clearer, i’m generally okay with ffs as long as it doesn’t require a band


Would you be okay with a fanfic about Harry Styles or any solo artist? Just wanna be sure before I request. c: