i make covers & picspams (+premades) in lucifer's hell - open


Will zayn malik work?


yep okay, though providing images and inspiration will be very helpful and likely increase your chances of being accepted cause i don’t have any resources for ffs



Yes of course! Something like this would be perfect if you’re able to find a photo that would work! A light background with female character. Not sure how to describe the pose but I’m not too picky. Just as long as we couldn’t identity the specific person (if that makes sense).

Julianne Hough is the actress so we could use any photo of her. If you do use a photo of her, this sort of manip style would be lovely.

https://imgur.com/a/hvJvrVO (not a fan of the color on this one though)

I’m honestly quite open. I don’t have the most specific ideas.


title: Wings
subtitle*: Sequal To One Winged Angel
author: Laura Ann Lee
describe your story in 1-3 sentences: A fallen angel had entered her life, and now is asking her to help him get his wings by force since God refuses to allow a failure of an angel back into Heaven. But this could ruin her chances as well.
what you want your graphic to look like: I was hoping the cover could look something similar to this but have Harry Styles with both white angels wings; have the girl sky Ferreira (short hair) next to him. In the sky have lightning and a cloudy background. My cover for my first book is here and I would like something similar but with the girl.
mood (sad, happy, soothing, etc’): Vibrant/Gloomy
any graphics/songs you think can inspire me*: Heaven In Hiding- Halsey, Believer - Imagine Dragons, Belinda Carlisle - heaven is a place on earth.
preferred payment option: Whatever you prefer.
anything else*: Thank you!


cover form
title: Sweet on You
subtitle*: n/a
author: Kayla Mae
describe your story in 1-3 sentences: It’s about a girl that opens her own sweets shop in NYC. On opening day, she is approached by a producer for a baking competition/reality television show. She goes to California to compete with the nation’s top bakers. She must conquer her competitors and the love that’s blossoming between her and the producer.
what you want your graphic to look like: I love a simple style with flair. An image with a girl (blonde and wearing white converse if possible, but definitely blonde) smiling. I would really like her image to be the main focus of the cover (along with the title), with decor around it. You are welcome to use images of a city or bakery. I like bright, bold colors.
mood (sad, happy, soothing, etc’): Happy!
colours: Blue, white, yellow. But you’re free to use any other colors if the cover needs it.
any graphics/songs you think can inspire me*: My current cover! I like it, but the font is hard to read and the blue tones mix together and it looks kind of foggy. I’d like a brighter cover with a more readable font!
preferred payment option: The first one! Credit + comments
anything else*: If you need any more ideas or have questions for me, I’m happy to give you some answers!


a’right, accepted- please complete payment of a 3+ lined comment and a permanent follow since my second chapter is currently unpublished for a while.

@LauraAnneLee : you’re accepted too, but for your idea part, do you mean you want the girl to have wings too? cause you mentioned wanting something similar for the girl in your book cover


Oh no. I misspoke. Only the guy should have wings.


accepted-- though if you read the payment clearer, you’re suppose to do a 3+ lined comment and choose 1 out of 3 options below; credit is mandatory :slight_smile:


got it :ok_hand:


Payment is complete! Thank you very much.


payment complete love <3


heyo, your cover’s ready for collection :unicorn: your ideas were pretty simple so being the overthinker i am, i ended up trying to make it more unique but then i realised you might just want something simple.

therefore, you can choose whichever you prefer:
chasing%20greyson%20king chasing%20greyson%20king%202
(drag into new tab to enlarge)

do lmk if you’ll be using any, and if you are, please remember to feature the graphic in one of your chapters and dedicate it to me as second part of your payment :wink: thank you for requesting! :winterstars:


Thank you, payment is complete! :slight_smile:


title: Cursed

subtitle: N/A

author: Ash Stepp

describe your story in 1-3 sentences: The rarest jewel in the world is said to be cursed. But that won’t stop the most infamous group of thieves from stealing it. What will happen? Have they ruined their own lives? Or simply made their lives better? Read to find out.

what you want your graphic to look like: In the middle of the cover, there should be a blue jewel. The text should be in pretty cursive font. It should either be white or royal blue. There should be swirls in the background. Speaking of background, it should be black or light grey

mood (sad, happy, soothing, etc’): dark

colours: here

any graphics/songs you think can inspire me 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f4c696b796b4d656b706943584a413d3d2d3435333237343534372e313464663266646562643462653338363238393930303435333931362e6a7067


preferred payment option: 3+ lined honest comment on your story

anything else: Thanks:)


I was going to change the cover name but changed my mind haha can’t wait to receive my cover!


accepted-- but do u have a certain jewel in mind, or is any kind okay with as long as it’s in blue? and is there any one you want to be in your cover, or just the jewel?

btw, payment is a 3+ lined comment and1 out of the 3 options below; credit is mandatory.


no worries, u can still change it if u want, cause i can always go back and reedit even if i’ve alrdy delivered ur cover- though if u prefer ur original one that’s fine too


title: love scenario
subtitle*: none
author: raenbee
describe your story in 1-3 sentences: bae-ka is overjoyed to make it in to seoul national university after being waitlisted for months. there’s just one problem- the lee bae-ka that was supposed to be admitted to the college isn’t her, but a male engineering student who never informed the university of his decision to withdraw his application. now she has his class schedule, his responsibilities and his surly, insomniac roommate.
what you want your graphic to look like: i’d like the female mc to be on the cover pls, maybe cursive letters for the title. other than that, you do you! i’d just prefer that you not use celebrities as a fc.
mood (sad, happy, soothing, etc’): cheerful, happy, cute!
colours: pinks, peachy pinks, whites and creams please!
any graphics/songs you think can inspire me*: love scenario by iKon, and my vision board here: https://www.pinterest.com/rpblog9/love-scenario/
preferred payment option: 3+ lined comment and another comment on another chapter
anything else*:


accepted- though do u have any idea who u want on the cover? such as race, maybe some details on her appearance so i can find a suitable one? and so sorry but currently i only have one chapter up on my profile so you’ll have to choose another part of the payment :fearful:


i’ll do a permanent follow, then! and yeah, i have some examples in the pinterest board linked in my initial post, unless the link is broken. she’s black and i’d prefer her skintone be kept the same shade it is in the example pics or darker pls!