i make covers & picspams (+premades) in lucifer's hell - open


got it!


payment completed!


your cover’s ready for collection :bluehearts: not sure if it’s what you’re looking for, but i tried haha. you can choose whichever one u prefer:

re%20love re%20love%202
(drag into new tab to enlarge)

please lmk if you’ll be using any & thanks for requesting! :winterstars:


tysm <3
I love both of them !


Payment done c:


Any jewel. It just has o be blue and no people please. I’ll do a permanent follow then




title: El té del delirio
subtitle*: Microrrelatos
author: Ona Lovegood
describe your story in 1-3 sentences: It is a book that collects different adolescent stories.
what you want your graphic to look like:
I would love a girl drinking from a cup that looks closely. As in this cover: https://discourse-cdn-aws1.com/wattpad/original/3X/a/8/a874bf40f11573e223ea3a4bf35020d377dac897.jpeg

mood (sad, happy, soothing, etc’): That was youthful and fun.
colours: pastel colors
any graphics/songs you think can inspire me*: https://www.pinterest.es/pin/618400592559549822/

preferred payment option: follow and credit is a must
anything else*: n/a :heart:

I love your edits!:heart:


accepted- please complete payment of a 3+ lined comment & a permanent follow :wink:


Ready, thanks♥


Right now I’ll stick with Fallen Angel. Thank you <3


Done with payment



as promised I’l dedicate :wink:


glad u liked it :spruce_goose::winterstars:


heyy, your cover’s ready for collection :winterstars: i really enjoyed making them haha, you can choose whichever you prefer:

fallen%20angel fallen%20angel%202
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please lmk if you’ll be using any and if you are, do remember to credit me in the desp. of your story! thank you for requesting :bluehearts:


It is absolutely beautiful, but it’s not really what I had in mind. I will not be using it, thank you so much though. I’m so sorry


that’s okay :slight_smile:


pics for inspo:



heyo, your cover’s ready for collection :spruce_goose: i’m not sure if they’re what you’re looking for, but i hope you like them:

sweet%20on%20you sweet%20on%20you%202 sweet%20on%20you%203 sweet%20on%20you%204
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do lmk if you’re gna use any, and please remember to credit me if you are-- thanks for requesting! :winterstars:


accepted! payment’s a 3+ lined comment on the first chapter of my book & a permanent follow :wink: and do you happen to have any faceclaims you want for your cover, or can you shoot me some reference pictures of the girls?