i make covers & picspams (+premades) in lucifer's hell - open


aU so sorry i just realised i missed your request and did the one below you instead :sob: why do i even have a queue for

your cover will be next in line!


Haha. It’s okay! Thank you!


yeah just give me a couple minutes. thank youuuuu for accepting lovely :black_heart::black_heart:


for your cover, is it necessary for the girl to have short hair? cause i can’t seem to find any good resources for that- or is it okay if i don’t have her on the graphic?


Not necessary c: Do whatever works.


move the inspo pics to my first post.


completed the paymeeeeeent


title: fire meets fate
author: aditi jain
describe your story in 1-3 sentences: abigail finch, having perfect family, supportive friends and a loving boyfriend, will she be able to cope up with the danger her loved one’s will face?
what you want your graphic to look like: my main characters are zayn malik and gigi hadid, with matthew daddario and Dominic Sherwood. They are sad, scared about losing each other. So, them on the cover. The background can be dark of smoke, forest.
mood (sad, happy, soothing, etc’): sad
colours: grey, black, red.
any graphics/songs you think can inspire me*:

http://imgur.com/a/Sh4lNL1 / https://pin.it/6kr5adohix2a43 / https://pin.it/vt3rqvsb22pzp5 /
https://pin.it/7ue2h3mozmcieq - something like this. With Zayn and Matthew (serious face) below where ian and paul are. Danielle in the middle and dominic over her head (smirking) coz he is the bad character.

referred payment option: follow and credit. :heart:
anything else*: since you asked for images :slight_smile:
Zigi picture : https://www.deviantart.com/almosteeasy/art/Pack-Png-06-Zigi-628984604 from one of this png’s.

Matt : https://pin.it/5lkzlw2hfhgykf / https://pin.it/xrvwkwf4svh2e5 / https://pin.it/dqob3sib7qgdte / https://pin.it/4iokif7atmh24b

Zayn : https://pin.it/kjw2ax5o6kfl4m / https://pin.it/gshe3s5xhmft7l

Dom : https://shcastdaily.tumblr.com/post/160630655586/i-dont-have-any-angel-blood-as-far-as-i-know / https://pin.it/s5jckwqlnf2prs

I really hope you accept.


Thank you very much!!! It’s very pretty :slight_smile: I plan on using them when I upload the edited version of my story so I’ll def credit soon <3


holla, your cover’s ready-- i realised i’m terrible with making black&white covers rip didn’t know i love colours so much soo your graphic kinda ended up being different from what you wanted :cold_face: audsdsfh so sorry

wings wings%202

… and also i found out i can’t do realistic manip either (cries a river & drowns in it)
these are horrible af but er, still lmk if you’re gna use any & thanks for requesting! :xkaydotx:


These are actually really pretty but unfortunately it doesn’t fit my story, I’m sorry! Thank you for trying though.


so sorry but i don’t think i’ll be able to do your graphic cause i just tried doing something like yours and it didn’t exactly turn out… well :ded: but if you’re okay with waiting i’m down to try anyway but please don’t have high expectations

just lmk if you’re okay with that & i’ll add you to the queue (btw payment’s suppose to be a 3+ lined comment and 1 out of the 3 options below)


that’s okay!


I’ll wait. Take your time. :heart:


a’right, please do payment of a 3+ lined comment & a permanent follow :calmwolf:


Hey, payment is done.
I loved the name Elowen :heart:


heya, your cover’s ready for collection :winterstars:

cursed cursed%202 cursed%203
(drag into new tab to enlarge)

please lmk if you’ll be using any & rmb to credit me if you are! thanks for requesting :spruce_goose: :bluehearts:


Thank You! I’ll be using the second one!


heya, your cover’s ready for collection :bluehearts: you can pick whichever u prefer:

love%20scenerio love%20scenerio%202
(drag into new tab to enlarge)

do lmk if you’ll be using any & if u are, please do credit me in the desp. of your story, thank you! :spruce_goose::lhansonauthor:


thank you! i will be using the second one!