I need a beta reader or something. There are a few complications though.

Hi. Okay, so the story itself isn’t on Wattpad, the draft I have is on a google doc and I need someone who is willing to help me edit and give me harsh criticism. Yes, I said harsh criticism. I’d need them to be seriously honest about what they think of it, cause I need a fresh set of eyes. They’ll tell me the flaws and tells me how to fix it. Hell, they can even edit it and possibly make it better would be nice too. Someone who won’t ghost me either, cause this is not going to be a one time thing. If you’re interested, please PM me about what you’re willing to offer and we’ll go from there.Thanks.

What kind of book is it? I’m better equipped to help with certain genres over others.

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Well it’s a fan fiction of the walking dead game universe. I know it seems ridiculous asking a serious person over this, but I just really like this plot I came up with in my head, but the way I write it gets on my nerves kind of. Like I need help.

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Hey, if you like it, go for it!
It might be hard for me to edit your story. Fanfic isn’t my strong suit, since I know nothing of the universe you set it in. I couldn’t help with characters or worldbuilding. But if you can’t find anyone better, I’d be happy to help. I’m good with Google Docs, and I’m good at honest criticism.

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Hi there,

It looks like you’re trying to find a beta reader for a story. Currently, there is a #story-services:beta-readers-needed section in the Story Services club where users post in search of a beta to offer them feedback and assist with editing their stories. Your thread may be best suited for this area.

I’ve gone ahead and moved your thread.

Thank you for understanding,
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That’s good enough <33 I’ll set up things and share the link with you. However, can I keep coming back to you though? Or do I need to find other peeps after this.

Like you don’t have to edit it since you don’t really know much about the universe. Your advice would be good enough though.

I’ll help with two drafts.

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kk. I’ll hit you up later on though.

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Sounds good!

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hey, if you are looking for someone to smooth out your grammar, then I’m your girl!

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