I need a different title

So my current WIP is called False Comfort, but I now, feel that now doesn’t really fit.

Here’s a short explanation of the story so far:

In 70’s Soviet Russia, Ilya feels drawn to a house where he heard a violent argument end abruptly. Inside is Lucifer masquerading as an old man, and with him is his newly tricked servent, Elaina, forced to act as his adult daughter his adult daughter. Lucifier intoxicates Ilya. Luckily, before he has a chance to trick Ilya, Elaina frees him, but it gives her a fate even worse than enteral servitude.

Ilya while still extremely intoxicated is saved by Yegor, Elaina’s father who was searching for her. Ilya tells Yegor that he saw his daughter, and in an outraged state, Yegor decides to go to the house while Ilya joins him.

While there, the devil, unseen, attacks them. The devil explains to Ilya who he is and that he plans to torture him into killing himself.

So both Yegor and Ilya decide to go to Yegor’s daughter’s house due to the fear of being alone and knowing that it’s a bad idea to contact the authorities. Yegor’s son-in-law (I currently don’t have a name)is inside distraught about his wife’s disappearance and is accompanied by his older sister, Galina, who is there to comfort him.

Yegor tells and proves to this children-in-law that the devil is real and took Elaina. Galina decides to join them, while his son-in-law stays to take care of his children.

Ilya has a very painful nightmare about being on fire for what feels to be hours, later the devil comes to gloat and explain some stuff.

Ilya also becomes extremely paranoid of everyone around almost causing him to hit an innocent person. Everyone decides the best place to go in the current situation is to Yegor’s home, which is in a area that is less populated.

This is where it gets less planned: eventually they meet Erelah, a fallen-angel that has a vendetta against the devil and she agree to help them, and she says that the best way to defeat him is to find an ancient book.

I’m not sure of the ending yet, either they aren’t able to get the book and Ilya out of extreme stress, kills Yegor believing he’s the devil then commit suicide; or he both attempts his attempts to kill Yegor and himself failed, he’s able to be comforted, and they save Elaina.

Please, NO neighbor-related titles

It’s kind of hard to pinpoint what type of story it is so it’s hard to come up with a new title. Can you give a more detailed explanation?

Mmm, I’m bad at explaining things. So it’s a paranormal story that also will feature mature things like someone getting shot, suicidal thoughts, and maybe death.

That’s still a little bit vague.

I honestly don’t know what else to add. I’ve seen threads like this that gave out the same amount of info.

Merciful Fate

The Neighbors

Something Next Door

Beat the Devil

The Devil Next Door

Escape the Fate

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Okay let me re-edit it.

Infernally Yours

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I don’t have anything useful to say. But your name and profile dp just makes me crave something to drink lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll help you out.

What’s the main plot of the story? You mentioned a lot of names but no plain plot for me to base a new title on.Who’s the main character and the main antagonist? What’s their relationship like? What’s the main message of the story?

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Okay I was able to redo it, is it better?

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Yep, a little bit. I could understand the foundation of what you’re trying to say…

I think False Comfort is good title though. But if you don’t like that, how about Evil Relief? or Oddly Comforting?

I started to feel that False Comfort gave off an abusive relationship romance vibe, why do you think it’s a good title ?

My Neighbour From Hell for some reason sounds hilarious to me (it’s a British tv series about people next door being rly shitty people)
Adjacent Satan?
My Neighbourhood Nephilim?
Next Door Nightmare?

Thanks but the main plot isn’t that the devil lives there, he only was there for like two days in total.

ahhhh okay. give me a few minutes

Yeah, besides I feel like those titles are more comedic


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