I need a talking buddy



Umm just lonely and bored jsut need a friend


hey I’ll be your friend!


hey I’m bored and need friends too c:


sorry guys I was just idk


Somebody be my friend too!


So, what’s your favorite food?




anyone wanna dm me and be friends?








Hi <3






Hello everyone, how are you all today?


Doing well! How are you? :smiley:


I’m good, procrastinating, haha.



There’s this group project we had a month to do. Guess who’s finishing it the night before? That’s me!! The only person’s who’s been doing anything this whole time.


HAHAHA, I can totally relate to that.

Teacher: paper is due next Monday
Me: Netflix pulls me into its infectious circle and I’m hooked for the weekend
It’s 2am
Me: Studying for the paper
Wakes up with red eyes and goes to school (or in my case logs on since I study online) and submits my half-ass-worked-on-paper
Teacher: gives me a 86% on the paper
Me: Wait…I barely studied for that paper and put like no effort into it, how did I get that good a grade ?

And the cycle of procrastination continues…


hello I need a talking buddy too