I need advice! Should I keep posting or work on my own?


For the last few weeks I’ve been contemplating if I should unpublish a fantasy novel I’m currently working on. I definitely want to finish the novel, edit it, and publish it one day, there’s no doubt. However, I don’t know if I should keep publishing my (I guess you could say) draft chapters on Wattpad. I love Wattpad and it’s community and i definitely not leaving the site, but my book does need attention.

Should I stop publishing draft chapters to finish off the book and then publish on Wattpad once more, or should I keep posting?


Keep posting for feedback


Honestly, it all depends on your source of motivation. If people reading what already exists of your writing motivates you to keep working on your draft, by all means, keep updating it on Wattpad as you go. If that doesn’t really have an impact, or just makes you feel trapped, wait until it’s done. I’m personally one of the latter, so I get not wanting to post a draft.


If you mean that you’re going to try to get it traditionally published, you might also want to consider that the publisher might want you to take it off of Wattpad in order for them to be able to sell it. If you think it would be more painful for your readers to have the book taken away after they’ve fallen in love with it, you might want to consider taking it down sooner rather than later. I don’t post any original content that I intend to traditionally publish, partially for that reason. My plan is that if publishers reject my manuscript to the point that I give up on traditional publishing, I’ll post it up on Wattpad at that point.

Not saying you have to do it my way, just trying to give some food for thought.


I prefer to write the full story,or at least most of it before posting since i find it impossible to write and incorporate the feedback at the same time. But I have no aspirations to publish other than on a couple of websites.


I think that depends on how you feel for it. Does one answer feel more convienent than the other? Is there are particular reason why you would wish to write it offline then publish it?

But overall, I think if you’re already posting the work, you should keep doing it. But if you want to not feel pressured on getting things done at a faster pace, then I would say to write offline instead.

Personally, I write offline because it’s more convienent on my end. I used to write and update as I went along, but my updates were all over the place since I didn’t have an actual schedule. Mostly, I updated monthly and this type of schedule annoyed me since I wanted a more concise uploading date. I also like the feeling of keeping the majority of the book a secret to my readers to hype it up, and if I need to change things, I don’t have to go back and revise, dreading the whole “my readers might hate me for this” act.


i MAY consider publishing my current novel on wattpad if i think it’s good enough when it’s finished, but i’m going to continue to post the first draft here regardless. it’s invaluable for feedback and i love being part of a community, and if i published it, i’d be publishing a VERY different second or third draft anyway.

what is making you want to take it off of wattpad? just do whatever you feel comfortable doing. :blush:


Quick thanks for everyone’s response!

To your answer your question, I’m always writing along and even though I have an “update schedule,” I end up updating every month or so and I begin the cycle all over again. So my main concern might be that I’m writing my book fast and not really thinking about the writing material itself. I mean, sure, drafts aren’t meant to be perfect, but I still can’t help but worry.


i think even though first drafts are made to be edited, they aren’t going to be…absolute WORLDS away from the final polished draft. if people like your story and like the way you write, they’ll forgive a few working errors in a first draft. but definitely do what makes you most comfortable! this is supposed to be fun. :slight_smile:


You’re right, this is supposed to be fun lol I think I’ll keep it up unless I really find a reason to take it down.