So I am having trouble finding a celebrity faceclaim for one of my male characters named Oliver. Young face claims plz, meaning less than 30yrs old. But if the face claim is 30yr old or older and looks younger, than that’s fine
Oliver’s characteristics:
-He is an 18yr old senior in high school
-He is straight
-He plays varsity football
-He is a blonde, and he is American (face claim doesn’t have to be American)
-He looks hot and fit…and by fit I mean strong arms and abs
-He’s cute but has a warm heart and warm smile; he’s not a jerk, he’s a sweetheart
Thank you!

Garrett Clayton or Ross Lynch maybe.

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I’ll consider Ross but i think Garret’s into guys but my character likes girls

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He is but a lot of people use faceclaims just because that’s what they kind of picture their character looking like. So I didn’t see any harm in mentioning him. Ross also has some brothers that you could use.


Froy Gutierrez is a singer who looks like what you describe.


He’s not bad

Logan Shroyer could maybe work!

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what about Niall Horan? his first faceclaim that isn’t from a fan fiction lol

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If you just need a photo of a face (and not a known celebrity), you can go to a stock photo website and search something like “young blond man abs”. Might turn up some good hits.

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No you don’t. Just describe the character in the actual story.

nope i kinda do need one for this particular story so…yeah

Only if you’re a coward

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yep i must be a coward for sticking a pic of a celeb in the beginning of my story. That’s next level reasoning lol.

btw visual representation doesn’t replace a literary description

It kinda does

…how? I put a picture, then in the chapters I describe the character. Done.

Hahah the only person that comes to mind for me is Thomas Brodie Sansgter (although, he is British and you can decide if he is hot or not lol)