I need character art!

I have three characters I need drawn so you can take your pick and do it. I need Sigweard the most though.

Graphic Type: I need a drawing of some characters(Notably one of them)

Title: Crown of Thorns

Author: Louise Johnson

Genre(s): Epic Fantasy, Adventure Fantasy, Political Fantasy

Character One: Sigweard Wellse; a dragonite. He is five foot six and has very pale skin. He has small patches of scales dotting his skin. The scales are a vibrant ruby red and his hair matches them in color. He has red hair that reaches his shoulder and he keeps it in a messy man bun. He has a very light peach fuzz and a scar over his left eye. His nails are talon like and he has fangs. His eyes are green and have a slit pupil. The iris has a yellow ring around it. His tongue is naturally forked and he as pointed ears.

Character Two: Tinble Pristleye; a human/mozoterran. She is 5’0 tall and fairly petite. She has deep brown hair and bright, round blue eyes. She often has her hair in fancy styles and she’s a princess. She dresses fancy and her skin is very pale.

Character Three: Harold Freemane. He’s a dragon in the traditional sense. He looks wise, and his face has catfish like tendrils and fans(Similar to the jabberwocky from AIW but a little bit different). His scales are ruby red and his wings are massive. He has slit pupil eyes of the yellow color.

Story Summary:

Payment: Well, if you draw for me(even if It doesn’t fit my needs) I will perform a permanant folow and add one of your books to my reading list(if applicable). If it does fit my needs I will use it in the book and give you a permanent dedication.

Anything Else:

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