:blush:_smile: Give me your stories that are cliche it can be a werewolf book, teen fiction or a billionaire book any book actually well except Anime books, I don’t like Anime books but I could try to read it and you can recommend me some books to, anyone I want to read something :expressionless:


How about Wickedly Wicked? It is a cliche in the sense it is about a rich guy, but it holds it own.


Maybe if you have time you can check my book…it’s romance

Title : Home

Link : https://www.wattpad.com/story/188064472-home

Let me know if you’re interested :slight_smile:


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added to my story

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Look at the entire werewolf genre, there you go. If you don’t want cliche then you can try my story New Sight. It is far from cliche, but it is interesting, and, extremely different if you want a new sort of journey.

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Thank youu!! Hope you’ll enjoy it at least :smiley:

sure I will :wink:

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I write teen fiction. I’m sure there are a few cliche moments in it. I’d love for you to check it out if it interests you. :slight_smile:



After accepting a scholarship to a secluded boarding school, a teenage girl starts having strange visual abilities that reveal she’s a Seer, but being able to see a mile away and through walls isn’t exactly a good thing when it also comes with enemies who want to kidnap and dissect seers and allies who want to turn them into weapons.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/192219566-seer

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The Barton family led a quiet and peaceful life for the most part. They established residence within a safe neighbourhood, away from the loud life which was following its flow in the busy parts of town. Their days were more or less the same, except for one where the children had accidentally knocked something off the wall.

It was their father’s favourite decoration, and along with its destruction, an empty space came to be on the wall. Anna, their mother, suggested an outing on the sunny summer day to purchase a gift and replace the ornament they had damaged, but little did they know that what they would bring home was nothing other than an end to their peaceful days.

They must face night terrors, unknown noise sources, and the constant sound of rain. But worst of all, they must face the harbinger of a storm; a storm which leaves no rainbows behind.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/193281236-woman-of-the-rain

The setting is very cliche. 1980s safe neighbourhood with a happy family.

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My book is super cliché, with lots of twists though. It’s a teen fiction romance. I hope you find it meets what you are searching for. :relaxed::two_hearts:

Innocent Emily Kim


“What do you want,” she repeated.

“Break up with Axel.”

Her eyes widened, mouth opening slightly. Aiden’s eyes darkened, looking at her parted lips.

“Close your mouth, baby, or I might have to close it for you.”

Emily is in love with Axel Armstrong. She would do anything to get to know him better. When she finds out he needs her help, she’s willing to be his fake girlfriend, if it means that she can be romantic with him.

But what happens when Axel’s brother, Aiden, steps into the picture? And why is he so determined to break them up?

For mature audiences only.

© All Rights Reserved

Updates every Friday.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/180535141-innocent-emily-kim

Enjoy! I appreciate your support!

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There’s a book that I like that’s a pastiche of Wattpad cliches. You can find it here: Seriously, WHAT’S HOT?

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Here are my two most recent, the first is done and the second is in the works.

photo Superheroes Suck Cover_zpsomyk37gt.png

Nova was never really fond of superheroes or super villains. From their capes to the idea that a woman could serve as little more than a device to further the endless conflict of good and evil, you have to admit she’s got a solid argument. It’s a bit ironic that she doesn’t like them because they seem to love her. After a chance encounter that leads her into the arms of the hottest hero around, Spitfire, Nova is thrust into a world of capes and crusaders that just can’t seem to let her be.


Check it out here

Vie. Envy. Revive. The hacker and Hunter wanted nothing more than to live her not-so-peaceful life in peace. Until an angel stopped into her favorite bar and offered her an opportunity she couldn’t refuse: the chance to take down The Order, a secretive group whose roots stretch back to the dawn of mankind. Navigating Upper and Lower Seattle with a tech-illiterate ancient being is difficult enough without having an omnipresent secret organization on her heels with every move she makes.

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I’m sure mine have lots of cliche aspects.

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Haha, I’ve been told that I use some common tropes in my WIP novel, so if that’s the kind of thing you want, give it a try! This novel does come with the mature audiences tag due to heavy themes such as depression and suicide, however. But if that’s not a problem for you, then have at it!

What could a Demon possibly fear?

Kyrael, a brilliant but lonely lowborn girl, succumbs to the inner darkness that convinces her life is not worth living. As she falls, Prince Astor, the future king of the kingdom of Alain, appears in her remote town and saves her from herself, but discovers that she has magical ability, inadvertently embroiling her in the machinations of Alain’s numerous enemies.

Heroes will rise, sacrifices will be made, and families will be destroyed.
All for the sake of the Cobalt Crown.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/188390270-cobalt-crown-book-one

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Maybe you’d enjoy mine. :slight_smile:


Hey, there. Here’s mine. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Hello there, if you’re up to a twist of cliché, I hope you’ll give my story a chance too. Constructive criticisms are welcomed and happy reading!


Song Storming Session by @Callester - Ongoing
Genre: Teen Fiction


When a local boy band descends to a downfall of their career, a drastic measure has to be taken. But none had imagined it to be a random subjective contest where the only way to judge the contestants are through their written continuation of a story’s beginning and not their appearances nor interests. And what more of accidentally picking out a winner that has never been a fan of their music, save for the unspoken connection through the words they shared.

Camillea Ellison’s plan of a relaxing summer getaway was thrown out the window when she had won an unexpected writing contest arranged by her best friend on her behalf, with the grand prize of spending a whole month meeting and exchanging ideas with a famous boy band in person. Though everything takes a turn for the worst when she is forced to deal with the arrogant yet stubborn vocalist, Callen Blake, every single day throughout the session.

Will their interaction stay difficult or would it undergo a better change along the way? Because even the most disastrous storms would recede and reveal a bright sky underneath the clouds that appear so dark for one to endure.

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