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I draw art too! I drew my own cover on my story Blackout. Sorry that I forgot to mention that. As for the miraculous episode, I was very surprised by what happened. I won’t spoil it but I think it’s a interesting spin on what the show seemed to be building up to and I salute the creative minds behind it although I will say that I thought Hawk Moth got a bit too lucky out of nowhere and I have to wonder why he didn’t just do his ultimate plan in the first place.


I love musicals too! I really like Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton (ofc) and I like Heathers too, I think Heathers is too hated:heartpulse:


I also love to draw! My interests are watching lots of Black Butler and Attack on Titan, drawing people in both anime and realistic forms, also love chocolate (dark chocolate may be bitter but it’s good!) watching we bare bears, (for some reason I love that show!) reading fiction books, working on a series about a superhero academy, (though I haven’t posted any work since I haven’t written any final drafts) and also love musicals! (Hello Dolly, The Music Man, the oldies!) :grin:


Hello is this thread dead


Yes please :heart_eyes::hearts:


apparently, cuz no one has spoken since 28 days


How about we start with what’s your favorite episode? I can’t decide mine yet but so far season 1 is my favorite. How about you?


Yeah how are you


Its difficult. I mean, each episode is so very different! Season 1 evilustrator, with the marichat moments are like so :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: And S1 Volpina where they almost reveal their identities?! Origins where Chat and Marinette first fall in love with Ladybug and Adrien is so wow! And I also really like season 2, where we see Marcus and Nathaniel hitting it off. Plus in fthe ice skating episode, Dammit, I fall in love with Luka! And omg, Queen bee! My QUEEN!!! :star_struck::star_struck: Mayura and how Natalie loves Gabriel even if he is the “bad guy”. The mystery with Emily lying in a coffin, dead or not, we have no clue… :pensive:
I live for these moments, I swear :beetle::paw_prints::hearts::hearts:


lol, alive ig (?) :sweat_smile::joy:


Yeah I am alive you


Thats nice :joy:




So @TheRedRose17 whats up?


Nothing much getting ready for school you


Im bored. School’s out right now, so I am just reading and eating and sleeping and reading. Im such an unsociable nerd, I swear! :joy::sweat_smile:




I completely agree