I need friends




I spend near 12 hours in school each day )))(()


But that’s normal but i think you can rest?


I have to spend 7 hours, but I must watch courses and do exercises on physic sooo I don’t rest


awww… that’s bad


I hate physics, but i love it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Do u have some fav subjects?


Of course!! who doesn’t? i love english and computer


Oh I like them too, but I don’t like any my eng teachers


I know, i also don’t like them, they are so strict and so arrogant


saame. I have just one teacher i love. She is strict enough, but she is kind and veery smart


hehe, i never liked any of my teacher but now i missed them so much even though they were so arrogant but i still miss them


I feel same just about my maths teacher


looks like she was the sweet one, i actually miss all of them, i’m going to meet them tomorrow probably since i gave them a dinner invitation for tomorrow, i hope they’ll come, i wonder if they remember me


I am sure they do


hehe, i hope so :grin:


omg he looks super good in that, but not as much if otherwise I feel. hahaha






how are u?


I am good bored but good you