I need help with my poem


I’ve decided to enter the Nat Geo contest and have written, for the first time in my life, a poem. Instead of a short story. It may be against the rules, but I’m not here to win, just to support.

I reference to famous characters that live in the sea… :slight_smile: I was wondering if you can think of any other characters that I could use in the poem?



All I can think of is Willy from Free Willy


Oh yeh! Lol thanks!


Hey there!

Just a heads up, I’m going to have to edit your comment slightly. You can always talk about your work, but asking people to check it out on your profile is considered self-advertising and is against Club Guidelines

If you’re interested in sharing your story on the forum, you can always post it in the Share a Story Club

Good luck with the contest, and thanks for understanding!

Mo - Club Ambassador


Winter from Dolphins Tale?