I need new enemies



You realize that I still have my doomsday plan that’s currently still on the count down to destroying everything, including the lair and Paula. Also you two, but I only care about Paula.


np! :slight_smile:


Actually yes! dyed with lamb´s blood


um ya…no.


Um ya… yes. You’re fabulous lair will be destroyed. It is amazing tbh and Paula is awesome though (she’s nice to me). I might spare her and Super Mare who I see you’ve captured and dangled over a pit of lava. Nice touch tbh.


Well thankyou Iḿ part time interior designer but I have like 6 lairs hidden around the world an Paula can just teleport to me using the DNA I implanted in her. But you can feel free to meet my NEMISIS Super Mare.


I already met them when I saved them once, then they dissed me on social media, so I’m just gonna let them dangle above the lava. It’s fine with me. But it’ll all go to waste if you don’t stop my evil plan that’s starting somewhat soon.


yawns and presses the button that blasts you outside of the lair and closes the door that re-enforced. secretly excited that you´re showing so much interest


I love blood!


Hey, I’m back from breaking into the fortress and rescuing/kidnapping Super Mare for myself and leaving again (also studying for finals which are this week). So yeah, a few more days and then my plan will start. Bye.


Have you tried pegasi? The shimmer is great!


You seem to have quite a few enemies already at this point, but have one more.


A thread for making enemies? Interesting. In my experience, enemies find you naturally with no effort.


Thanks for your useful opinion, though I’d say you’re putting in the hours.


That seems unnecessarily hostile. But judging by your username, I suppose it fits.


Unnecessarily hostile in an enemy-making thread? You’re making me blush. And it’s not a username; it’s a lifestyle.


You mean you actually are a noble? That explains quite a lot.


What’s your excuse?


I’ve had twenty years of experience working for the government.


That excuses nothing except the outfit.