I need new friends -No offence to the friends I already have love you all-



I agree, but then I also get that you need to stick to the curriculum and all of that stuff. Have you ever had just the worst teacher ever?




really clever names i like it. also i took french in high school so it’s cool the characters are multilingual. I could actually understand it to my surprise lmao


yeah I looked the words up


The most satisfying thing in all of Christmas is when you get a candy cane and the wrapper comes off without a putting up a fight.


I’m gonna go, I’ll probably be back on later if anyone else is. Bye!




I’ma go too, see you guys tomorrow




Jules you tagged me a fuckillion times and blew up my notifs


you’re welcome :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


the title :joy::joy::joy:


yeah yeah yeah


So hi friend I already have


hi , Juls how are you :smiley:


I’m good the we need new friends thread seems a little deserted though






you always do that


maybe because it’s my senior year that determines my future which I want it to be about Pharmacy or dentistry and my score isn’t good enough for them ??:joy::joy::joy::joy: