I need someone to help me with a title, please!

I have this story that I thought of and need a title.

Here is what it is about:


In a nation where only women can rule, there are twins siblings who are the son and daughter of the current queen. Their names are Elijah and Luxora. Elijah wants to become the next monarch and rule the nation like or even better than his mother. Sadly, males are not allowed to rule the nation and aren’t even allow in the office of politics. Still, Elijah wants to rule over the queendom regardless if he is male. Meanwhile, his twin sister Luxora doesn’t care about ruling the nation and just wants to enjoy life as a royal. But when a car accident that should have taken both their lives gives them a rare superpower, the twins soon learn that they can magically switch bodies. Elijah is now Luxora while Luxora is now Elijah. With the Luxora’s coronation only four months away, Elijah who is now Luxora has no choice but to play the role of his sister while Luxora plays her bother’s role. Things are fine until a rebel faction wants to overthrow the monarchy leaving Luxora to step in and save her brother. But these twins do everything in their part to make sure that no one knows about the fact that they can magically switch bodies.

What do you think? I came up with a title but found it lacking. I keep it for the time being but I should really choose a better one.

Lend me your thoughts!

Maybe, Character Conundrum? Since their characters are now in different bodies?


I will hold on to that one until some more appear.

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oof, I’m currently clueless, but could you give me a few important objects, events(like the most important ones that aren’t spoilers), etc. to work with?

Also, is your story published? i’d be interested in reading it

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Okay, before I answer your question, I found a few things you can improve on, so I’ll point them out here. I hope you don’t mind!

Twins are anyway siblings :slight_smile: So you don’t need the word ‘siblings’ here.

Okay, see. In your first line, you say that Elijah wants to become the next monarch. And in your third sentence, you’re repeating that again, causing it to be redundant. So, scrap it off.

I hope you don’t get offended with the suggestions I have. If you do, I’m so sorry :confused:


  1. Only Queens
  2. Not a Queen

I’ll keep editing this post when I have more. The titles I’ve posted aren’t great - I just woke up, okay? :joy:


No. This is totally fine with me. I knew I would have some grammatical errors and stuff in this. I just did it quickly. Sorry for the trouble.



This story won’t be published for a long while. I have to make certain that everything is done correctly and that I finish it.

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Is the current queen evil? Is she important to the story? Whats her name?

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The current queen isn’t evil but she isn’t good either. She is in the middle of being good and evil if that even makes sense. She is slightly important to the story.

Her name is Tsarra.

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Body in the Twins
Secrets of the Twins
Hidden Truths
Boy of Girl and Girl of Boy
Storm of Twins
DIamond/emerald(whatever gem/precious metal you want to use) in the death
The wild twins
Twins in the Tales
The Twin of the Secret

here are a few I have so far

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Oooh, I love dichotomous characters :star_struck:


Are you talking about Queen Tsarra? LOL!

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Yep. It would be so cool if you did make her more important to the story, I think.


To be honest, I was thinking of making Tsarra a good monarch but far as a parental responsibilities she isn’t all that great. She isn’t perfect when it comes to parenting.Then again no parent is perfect.

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I think I read a book like that once. It was called Goose Girl, by Shannon Hale, where the queen was good at what she did but a horrible parent.


And yeah. No parent is ever perfect. I noticed that when I was trying to observe around me for my own book. But I suppose that’s what makes parents so priceless.


Oh wow.

Yeah, I wouldn’t say that Tsarra is horrible just not that great. Like if her children need advice and help, she wouldn’t know what to do or how to respond to it. She would be confused and nervous. Diving into Tsarra “backstory” she was a mother at a young age and didn’t really have a mother figure herself to guide her though the process of being a young mom. Tsarra was alone in being a parent. The man who should have been her husband abandoned her to care for the children all on her own. Yeah, Tsarra is a sad case of teenage pregnancy.

I mean this is what I would like to do for her.

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Hey, love the idea of your story! How about Reversed Reign?


That sounds really interesting. And I think it would also mean a lot for your world to have a teenage-pregnancy, abandonment kind of backstory with the person who was supposed to be queen, coz it’s kind of unusual to have a queen who was abandoned by her husband (who would pass up the chance to be king?) and became pregnant as a teenager.

Do they get married at a younger age? Like people in your book, I mean.


The Heir Apparent

see it works both in regard of actual meaning “An heir apparent is a person who is first in a line of succession and cannot be displaced from inheriting by the birth of another person.”

but also plays into the fact it’s not actually who they think it is (IE the boy and girl switched bodies)