I need the best recommendations ( CLOSED FOR NOW TO CATCH UP)

It’s been a while since I’ve read an extremely good book, so I wanna know what are some story recommendations you all have for different stories you’ve read that made you rethink everything and maybe even caused you to let out a tear or two.

(Books both on or off Wattpad are accepted)


Lucifer’s Gift

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Good Omens


Those two sound good already lol

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Do you have any specific genres you like?

I second Good Omens and add Terry Prachett’s Discworld books, if you like humor. There’s lots of different kinds of stories within it, so you can usually find something you like.

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I mainly focus on romance but for this I’m open to anything at all.

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Stormbringer: King by @RainingStorms

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The Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown remains one of my favorite series of all time. It’s sci-fi, which I’m typically not a huge fan of, but after years it’s still at the top for me.


I highly recommend The Red Ribbon, and its sequel, the Screams of Silence by @RavensOfOld. Both are masterpieces, with beautifully crafted characters and plots. You’ll like it. I’ll give the links:



Awww, thank you, love! (I was literally about to recommend your book, lol).

Of course! (lmao we’re both on time, I guess? :joy:)

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Tide by @Amethyst_Rain


I’d say give either of these a go (or both!) These novels have both pulled tears from many readers and have been said to be unlike any other romance they’ve read ever. Both are forbidden romances with thriller/mystery aspects that deal with touchy topics. Read at own risk. Both novels are completed.

Behind Closed Curtains

Featured in Wattpad Block Party 2017

Acting is Leah Johnson’s escape from a painful reality. Very painful.

Twenty-one-year-old Leah Johnson’s world has become rather isolated since she started dating Zach three years ago. He likes it that way because then the focus is on him, and if her attention to him wavers, his fists are quick to refocus her. Leah hides to survive, hides the bruises and her shame and relishes in those fleeting moments when she’s on stage and deep within the mind of another character. Those are the rare seconds where she feels safe; a feeling that’s become all but foreign to her.

Yet, issues arise when one of her charming co-stars, Kaleb not only has too keen an eye to Leah’s bruises but also stirs something inside of Leah that she had pushed so far down over the years she thought it had disappeared entirely.

Hope for a Zach free future.

But Zach isn’t the type to let go of something that he believes belongs to him. In fact, he’s willing to kill to keep it.


Unlawful Temptations

Rules are meant to be broken.

At least that was the motto that Kat Sanders led her life by. She said what she wanted, did what she pleased, and didn’t give a damn who judged her for it. Her home life was less than perfect ever since her father left and her mother spiraled into a drug induced stupor, leaving Kat with the heavy responsibility of taking care of her five year old sister. So, in an ugly turn of events where Kat loses her job, she hurriedly accepts her friends offer to interview for a job as a nanny. Yet, when Kat meet her new employer, all bets are off. He’s handsome, he’s brooding, and enticingly dangerous with a gun tucked into his side and a badge of honor splayed proudly across his blue uniform. Dominic Reed had everything Kat could ever want in a man.

Everything, aside from a wife.

Will Kat be able to downplay her normal, rebellious attitude and attraction to her married boss, or will forbidden feelings bud and temptation once again claim a victory over Kat and Dominic?

Yet, who can tell where this game of Kat and mouse will lead as Dominic’s lethal job intertwines into Kat’s life in a very real, very dangerous way that will leave them both vulnerable and fated for destruction.

Game on.


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Since you mentioned that you like romance, I highly recommend “I Never Imagined” by @SVTSwrites. It’s a sweet, wholesome Romance/Teen-Fiction book with lovable characters and lots of drama. It’s also completed, so it would be fun to binge-read. :blush:

Here’s the link to it: https://my.w.tt/cFRjPuq48X


Huge understatement haha.

Thank you love!

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Correction: LOTSSSS of drama, lmaooo. No problem!

Bahahahaha :joy:


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Lucifer’s gift is romance and pretty funny. You can find it on Wattpad. Are you into fanfiction romance?

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Wind by @AmyMarieZ had me tripping out!
Heroines by @RubyRyanYoun is a fantastic story.