I need the help of Beta Readers

Hi! I am looking for beta readers for my story called “The Museum”. I am looking for ideas and feedback on how I can improve the story and future stories in this series. I would really appreciate the help. I am happy to give feedback on your work, in exchange.

  • The Museum
  • science fiction, fantasy
  • “Jamie Carter has spent most of her adult life in the safety of the ever-shifting walls of the museum. It was her home, from the bolts of electricity that crackle overhead to the train that runs the hallway. She hadn’t needed anything more than her workshop and an endless supply of things to tinker with. Her solitary life is interrupted by the announcement that the museum would now be hiring agents. Is there more to Jamie’s life than tinkering with machines?”
  • Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/217603993-the-museum
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How long is it? (Chapter # and word count)

Right now, 36 chapters. I don’t know the exact word count, but there are only a couple of chapters that reach 1000 words

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I’ve got 16 chapters (30,000 words) posted of mine. Would you like to swap feedback?

Sure thing! What’s the link?


Okay! So, I just finished the first chapter and all I can say is :flushed: Very, very eerie

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Haha yeah. Would we be able to actually leave comments on our feedback/reactions though?

Of course! I was going to ask you about that

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Great, I’ll read yours soon then

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