I need Title help (poll)

I have another post like this, but to reach out to more people I have organized a few of those ideas into a poll. Which would ( based on title alone) you most likely click on? If you have other suggestions please add them. Thank you!

                                **About my book:**

He didn’t pick the floor number, that’s for sure. But it’s definitely somewhere down. And it’s definitely not stopping.

Every room is different, but the outcome is always the same. He must complete each new puzzle to reach the next room. Then the next. Then, he hopes-- freedom. With no recollection of his past, his only desire is to escape the elevators. Each floor leaves him with more questions and no answers.

A never-ending cycle of madness awaits.

Basically Atlas is trapped in a loop with no memory. He wakes up in an elevator that takes him to a room. He solves the puzzle to move the elevator to the next room. This repeats. He notices that he keeps going down (even into negative numbers) he doesnt know why he is there. Eventually he is able to break the cycle and finds another person.

Current title: Floor -87

  • 87 Below
  • Below 87
  • Going Down
  • 87 Descending
  • 87 Under
  • Under 87
  • 87 Floors Below
  • Other

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I first went to Other, thinking “87 and Dropping” or “87 and Counting”, but “87 Below” is definitely an intriguing title. Even if makes me think of temperature.

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I agree there. When it was suggested I thought temperature, but when you see it on the cover it changes lol. Context is silly like that.

Lol this makes me keep thinking of other Others. XD
87 Underground sounds a bit gangsta, but…
Can you just call it “The Basement”? (I jest)

I like your story idea. Sounds really interesting.

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Not to be part of the problem, cause I think I suggested Going Down and 87 Floors Below. But now I like 87 Under. It feels better coming off the tongue. I feel like I could say that in conversation ya know?

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