I need Title help

Recently, I had someone rate my book cover and they also mentioned that I should change my title. I cant come up with a new title. I was so dead set on the current title. Any suggestions would be helpful!
Thank you.

                                **About my book:**

He didn’t pick the floor number, that’s for sure. But it’s definitely somewhere down. And it’s definitely not stopping.

Every room is different, but the outcome is always the same. He must complete each new puzzle to reach the next room. Then the next. Then, he hopes-- freedom. With no recollection of his past, his only desire is to escape the elevators. Each floor leaves him with more questions and no answers.

A never-ending cycle of madness awaits.

Basically Atlas is trapped in a loop with no memory. He wakes up in an elevator that takes him to a room. He solves the puzzle to move the elevator to the next room. This repeats. He notices that he keeps going down (even into negative numbers) he doesnt know why he is there. Eventually he is able to break the cycle and finds another person.

Current title: Floor -87

First titles that popped into my mind: Elevator to Hell or Hellevator (also a K-pop song so I’m not sure about that one).
When I think of more, I’ll come back.

If you’re deadset on your current title, why would you change it? I think it’s fine as it is - though here are some more:

  • Elevator to Hell
  • The Next Level: Going Down

I have just heard a few times that I might want to pick something more eye catching. Kind of hits your confidence. Going Down could be cool. Let me edit my cover a bit and test it out. Thanks!

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So, in my opinion, your original title is the best! That was a suggestion-- you don’t have to do everything your readers tell you to do. Remember you’re the author!

It’s a very good title and I’m sure that it has a purpose for your story, so keep it-- especially if you were so ‘dead set’ on the title! :rofl:

Hope that helps!

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:rofl: I have no title suggestions but I ADORE the pun on this one haha


Reading the summary of your story gave me a great idea of what to suggest.

What do you think of He Didn’t Pick The Floor Number? I can almost guarantee there won’t be other stories with that title on Wattpad.

I like your original title! If you feel so inclined to change it maybe just play with what you have now? The idea of maybe:

87 Under
Under 87
87 Descending

Just toying with number placement and different synonyms for down would be cool I think? But honestly just stick with what you have if you like it! It’s just one person’s opinion so don’t let it cloud your vision :smile:

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I thought of Going Down, too. Seems to be popular so maybe explore that. What about Atlas: Going Down (is it a series?)

Or Atlas Falling ? Or an obscure route like
Safety Factor which refers to I think the stress a lift can sustain? It really depends on what fits with your story/its purpose/possible outcome? What drew you to your original title?

Honestly the original title came to mind because in my dream the elevator button was a -1. And it kept getting lower. Not sure why I picked 87 though lol

Honestly… I really like the look of this one. The only thing I don’t like is the sound of it. So for Wattpad, I actually think it’s really good! But if you were planning to publish, it would be weird to say “my favorite book is floor negative eighty-seven”

I like something along these lines. Or maybe 87 Below?

Are we reading this as negative? I was thinking it was floor 87, but like… a lower set of levels. Like 87 Floors Below.

I personally like when there’s a moment in the book you’re like GASP the tithe was right in front of me this whole time!

If I saw the title, that’s how I’d read it. That’s why I’m so torn :joy: I love the way it looks, but I’m not sure how I’d say it.

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On a side note… this has sparked an interesting point of view dialogue lol

This was the trouble i ran into. If I have to explain that it is a negative then there needs to be a change. Here is a poll if you guys wouldn’t mind participating.

  • 87 Below
  • Below 87
  • Going Down
  • 87 Descending
  • 87 Under
  • Under 87
  • 87 Floors Below
  • Other

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