I need your HELP: Question


This is not an official Wattpad survey.

1. Do you use or have you used the SYS threads to intentionally search for your next reading book?

If yes to 1:

2. What genre?

3. Most recent book title you read from searching SYS threads (no links, not your own)




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I did once or twice on the old forums. Last book I found there actually turned out pretty well for me. Transparent: A Divergent FanFiction.

Why did I stop? Well, I was really only scrolling through to see what else was there back when I was posting my own ad. And I gave up on doing that when I figured that no one looks at them. Plus I have enough on my reading list at the moment lol

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Yes, that’s what I thought. I hoped this thread would help prove my hypothesis.


No. The books in the niche I enjoy reading is not often posted on the SYS threads. So I use other avenues :sparkles:


I post in SYS in hopes of a random user finding it, but I don’t search there.


Once or twice, but I stopped since I just got bombarded with people posting their own books (you can request for people not to suggest their own, but someone else’s). I simply just stopped using it as I have other means to finding books.

Werewolf, paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi




Heart of Moss.

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I mainly looked for teen fiction or romance stories when scrolling down the thread. I find what I am suggested by Wattpad is rarely anything I want to read and by using the SYS thread I can normally find something I like.

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Really good to know someone is actually using them to find books to read.

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I haven’t looked through the SYST genre parts on here, as I never found anything I liked when using the old one. It was always the same stories being shared every week. And most seemed to involve more romance than I like.

I do use and like the Story Request section. I’ve looked for a few stories already using that. The current thing I’m searching for could be almost any genre, but involving a cult. That’s why I like this section more. It’s not genre restricted, you’re looking for certain elements a story has. Makes it feel tailored for you.

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