I only started writing cause of a FANDOM im in... HELP!?!?!

Fanfiction is youre name because a fandom was ur game?

Tell which Fandom??

Me for eg: Im stuck in the IT. Stranger Things and Riverdale fandom…

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I used to write One Direction/Harry Styles, Once Upon a Time, and celebrity fanfic. Now I’m outlining an Avatar: the last airbender one to put on my current account. Seems I can’t quite kick the fanfic habit.

I also read quite a bit of Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf fanfic back in the day but those were mostly one shots.

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i had the Twilight phase big time but i realised that over doing a fandom makes u sick of it

I never noticed it before but yeah. When that happened I just switched fandoms for the time being so I never really noticed how I got tired of one. Who was your favorite of the twilight characters during your phase? I was young when Twilight came out (10 years) and I always favored Seth. But I was completely on #teamjacob.

Heh, I got dragged into the fanfic game by Artemis Fowl. Casually drifted from there, tapping into Psych, Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Resident Evil fanfictions. Now I’ve slipped back into an older one of my fandoms: Phineas and Ferb, and occasionally go for Milo Murphy’s Law but only because of the overlap.

And that’s just the one’s I’ve written in so far, my fandoms are much broader.

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I started out writing DC (as in like Batman and-the original version of-Teen Titans) and Marvel stuff with a few other fandoms thrown in like Eragon… DC got boring to me pretty quickly and I continued with the Marvel/ Avengers stuff for a while and began tossing some Star Wars and Warriors stuff up.

Lately I just haven’t been feeling it with Marvel. Movies are still great and all but writing it just bores me. I’m working on finishing one last fic in my trilogy but after that one I’m not sure I plan on making more in the fandom aside from potential rewrites as if I’ll get around to them with everything else I’m working on though lol
Currently my fandoms are mostly still some Warriors because I have some plans for stories I don’t know if I’ll ever finish/ post, Star Wars is there just not inspiration to write anything, and then the dying fandom of Slenderverse because I recently found args with it and some cool YouTube artists who tell creepypasta stories/ horror stories while drawing.


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Hey! I’m new to the fan fiction world! Hunger Games roped me in a couple months ago but I started writing like one-shots for the show Shameless and for the Harry Potter series.


I had never read fan fiction and I had never written it… then GOT ended. And now I have apparently created my own post-show GOT universe, filled with unlikely romances, struggling teenagers and crocodiles.


The crocodiles part threw me… though in my defence I never made it past the first episode of GOT, been meaning to try again though


Oh the show GOT doesn’t have any crocodiles :slight_smile:. But my version of it does! (a lot of if it’s set in the Neck which is a place where the show never goes. And it’s basically a swamp so I figured it would have crocodiles)

It’s basically a mish-mash of show lore, book lore and just the weird imaginations of my warped mind :slight_smile:


Cartoons are the best when they have a follow up series or overlap

u had me at Batman…im full on DC fan

thank you

Ahhhh… another GOT fan

Fan/Hater… it’s a fine line :slight_smile: . I’m dedicated enough that I spend my free time undoing the ending of the show (it’s all within the canon though, just set after the ending).

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I used to write celebrity fanfic on the vocalists from the bands Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the Veil, both of which I’m not much of a fan of anymore, so have stopped writing about except for one final book and a couple one-shots here and there. Unfortunately they’re the only books of mine that get the most reads compared to my newer stuff - which is a little annoying, but it’s whatever.

And way before that when I first started writing fanfic 10+ years ago, I’d write celebrity fanfic for the bands My Chemical Romance and Green Day. I still have about 30+ unfinished works in a folder in my room somewhere, and it’s highly likely that they’ll never get finished or see the light of day.

Now though I write and intend to write fanfic for Marvel, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Wolf on Campus, LOST, Malcolm in the Middle, Sherlock, Narnia, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Warrior Cats, South Park, and a select few celebrities and YouTubers. There are a few others that I might start writing about, but I’m not sure yet.

I think the fandom I’ve had the most fun writing for - but haven’t yet posted a lot of - is Big Wolf on Campus. The most dead and unknown fandom on my list, but I love it, and I have so many ideas for fanfic for it, and I intend to write every single one despite the fact that it likely won’t get a lot of reads.

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wow…you remind me of myself…so many fandoms hard to find people who understand my passion for that fandom…and so many fanfics not enough finished


you remind me of myself…so many fandoms hard to find people who understand my passion for that fandom

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This place seems cool, and I see a lot of fellow nerds. Hiya! For me, I’m mostly an anime fan fic writer. I have a lot of ideas for different stories, but lately I’ve just been running a one/short story book. I feel like shorter stories sometimes are easier to maintain when working with fandoms for some reason.