I printed a personal copy of my book


I remember there being a few threads floating around asking about printing books. A few weeks ago I went through the process of getting my book printed (a personal copy for myself), and I did it all through Lulu.

They made it very easy. They have templates to use for formatting, so I did all of my formatting myself as well as cover design / wrap, which also had a customized template to make sure it’d fit my book.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the quality! I chose a perfect bound, white standard paper, at 5.5 x 8.5 size, glossy cover.

I can’t speak on publishing through them, since I haven’t, but I am happy with the printed copy! It feels so great to hold my own words in my hands!

Some photos:


That’s so cool! :heart_eyes:


Omg that looks so pretty! :heart_eyes: I can’t wait to get there!


Thank you! I’m really amazed! I was so worried that I hadn’t done all the formatting correctly (especially the cover), but I’m so glad it turned out right! Now, there’s some errors inside since it’s an uncorrected draft, which was actually meant for me to edit easier, but I’m still happy to have it. Kinda emotional!

Thank you! I still can’t get over it! It’s not for sale or anything right now, but it’s still cool to have it for myself!


Right! I really want to get there and have my own words in my hands. It would make me so happy and be so amazing to see it! I told myself my first ever published book is going to be in actual book form and not ebook.


It’s so freaking pretty :heart_eyes:


Petty? Well, that’s very rude of you.


Fuck. **Pretty. :woman_facepalming:


It’s okay. We all make mistakes.


Aw, that’s awesome! This one isn’t published (unless you count wattpad), so it isn’t for sale anywhere, but it’s still neat to read it in print instead of on my computer LOL!


Dangit, Fray, I knew you always secretly hated me :,(((((

LOL jk, but yeah I can’t get over how good it looks. I’m happy I went with the glossy instead of matte! And thank you! The colors turned out so good!


Dammit, well… No point in keeping up appearances any longer. You smell like pee-pee and you’re a doo-doo head!

But for real, I’m super jelly and I want 10. Both 10 copies of your book and of mine. For reasons.

Glossy is the shit for covers! I love gloss :heart:


That is really cool!:heart_eyes:
And beautiful cover/setup.

Isn’t it expensive though?


That’s what I mean. XD I would love to have it in my hands. <3 It’s always been my dream. It’s great that you have it as a personal use! Are you editing?


Well… I guess it’s time for the diaper wipes. XD

Omg. Just imagine a shelf of Fray and Makayla books. Ahhh. I’ll just start a publishing company for only our books…

Yes! I was looking at all my paper backs and comparing glossy vs matte and all my faves are glossy!


Thank you so much!

It was only $11 USD for me, including shipping. It was about $8 for the actual manufacturing and $3 for shipping. It was 464 pages in total, so it would be cheaper for less pages!


Yes! I’m using this copy to catch typos and things I want to fix before querying again!


It depends on the genre. For romance, chick lit and lighter themes, I prefer gloss. For darker themes, thrillers, and any stuff with gore etc, I think matte works better.


Better get some with perfume! (What am I even saying?)

MaFrayla’s Books.
“We only publish our own books. Deal with it :sunglasses:

I smell a New York Times Bestseller List.

I also love a mix - so if it’s done with your cover, the background is matte, but the text and feather is glossy!


It looks great. Congrats on this new exciting step in your writer’s journey. :heart_eyes: