I printed a personal copy of my book


That’s not too bad then, considering what you get. :blush:


Even with those, I think it can work if it’s just a paperback. Now if we’re talking hardbacks then embossing, mixing matte and gloss, glitter… You name it. You can really go all out there :smile:


I agree. Though some Fantasies I can see with glossy covers.


Yay! Good luck with the editing, lol! That’ll prob be easier to spot them too, in a different format!


I can’t picture my thriller series in gloss. It would defeat the dark vibes of the cover. I print with KPD (formerly with CreateSpace) and the matte gives the book a definite dark feel.


Definitely depends on the books.

I could see my books work quite well with the mix of matte and gloss. Especially since the backgrounds are so simple and the motifs are intricate.

God, I love fantasising about this :joy:


Who knows! We’ve gone off on a tangent.

Lol! Now what would our logo be?

And I agree with you there. It definitely depends on the book. Genres play a big role, too. I have some sci-fi that have matte and look great. The first that comes to mind is the Legend series by Marie Lu! (tagging @SallyMason1)


Thank you so much! It does make me consider self publishing a bit, since the price would come to tremendously since I could do the formatting / design myself.


Yes! I’ve alrsady picked out quite a few!


At least editing seems to be coming great! :slight_smile:


Well, I do do that a lot. (Haha, do-do)

Eeeehm… :makaylasophia: <-- that.

I think my Legend series is actually glossy. Yep, just checked. All glossy. But they were ridiculously cheap. Like £10 for all three, kind of deal.


I had to go double check since to make sure I remembered correctly. Mine are mostly matte, except the title has a bit of a gloss finish, though it’s mostly rubbed off now from use LOL.


Might be because I have the UK versions or something like that.

They tend to vary from country to country.


Yeah, that’s probably it! It’s so interesting to see the differences in design across countries / markets.


Right? I especially enjoyed Harry Potter and all the different covers from around the world :smile:


Beautiful :heart_eyes:


Absolutely gorgeous! Was Lulu user-friendly? (Okay, could someone who is technologically challenged do this?)


I’m so jealous right now. That looks really cool.


That’s so beautiful! It looks amazing! I can’t wait until mine can be printed. The feeling of holding your own books like that must be amazing. The cover and everything looks stunning girl.


Yes, it is user-friendly. The only thing is when you are formatting your stories to be printed, you have to have something for them to be stored in. Most people use Microsoft office because it is the best at book formatting, but people like me are broke so I use the free app OpenOffice Apache. It works well once you get the hang of it.