I printed a personal copy of my book


I thought it was. They give you a template to input your manuscript into that makes formatting a bit easier!


Thank you!!


Wow, thank you so much! It really is a great feeling, and I recommend anyone do it!


It’s gorgeous!

I can’t wait to know the feeling of holding a book in my hands. I never thought to make my own copy. :black_heart:


Thank you so much!

When you’re ready to print something for yourself, I definitely recommend it. I’ve had my copy for three days now and I can’t stop holding it or looking at it! It’s really a spectacular feeling!


Matte is the shit :slight_smile:

@MakaylaSophia I’ve heard good things about LuLu. Definitely worth a look later in life :slight_smile:


I really liked it, personally. Not sure about publishing through them, but the printing is great.


I’ve read up and down things with them publishing. More good than bad of course, but it’s definitely worth researching :wink:


thank you for posting this, this is so cool!


That is badass. I’ve heard of Lulu, and although I’d like to sell on Amazon e-books, I want one printed copy of each of my polished novels. Of course, I need to do covers I’m actually happy with. I’m so bad at them lol. Yours looks so cool!


I just can’t wait until my books are printed like this. I’m getting so impatient haha. Your book is making me all excited. I have to wait a few months until tax season though. I’ll have finished a few more books, gotta then finish formatting the chapters I haven’t moved to documents. Then I can print the finished ones at once. Ahhhh! Dude, I am just getting so excited.


Can you print one copy of a book?


Can’t speak for other similar companies, but with Lulu you can. I have one copy of two of my books. You basically set up the layout and the cover as if you’re going to sell it, order a proof copy, and that’s it.


I would definitely recommend checking out Lulu, then!


Aw, I’m glad it’s making you excited! When the time comes, definitely show us how it turned out!


Yep, @prisim said you can! I only got one copy of Awaken!


Ha, I will definitely be showing everyone how it turns out.


That’s so cool! I can’t imagine having my own hard copy of my own writing. I think I would keep it with me forever as my pride possession, and show it off constantly. :smile:


Could you print it without getting an ISBN?


Yes. You’re not making it for sale.