I printed a personal copy of my book


That looks so cool. Very professional.

Reminds me of a story I heard one author did. He gave copies to friends and family for Christmas and some of them were reading on the train. This sparked some conversation interest from some passengers. So he tested the concept further by taking his own book and reading on the train, did this for a while, directing people to where they could get a copy. Slowly, he picked up a fanbase.


Congratulations! And yeah there are a bunch of POD (print on demand) places to get copies of your book made. You only have to order a single copy. Lulu, Ingram Spark, and recently CreateSpace was folded into KDP. (Kindle Direct Publishing).


Thank you so much for sharing this. Its informative and EXTREMELY inspiring as well! If someone else made copies like these please post a picture and spread the inspiration!

Sorry if I missed this in case you answered it before but how long did it take for them to ship it? Also, can anyone get order it? As in, is it worldwide?


No one can order a copy unless she makes it for sale. I strongly recommend against her doing that if she entertains even the slightest possibility of traditional publishing in the future. Marking it for sale will kill her debut status and give her a sales history.


The longest part for me was waiting for them to manufacture, which took about 10 days. It shipped in 4 days. You can choose different shipping options.

The book isn’t for sale. Like @XimeraGrey said, I want to traditionally publish. This is just a single copy for myself (and I’m using it to catch mistakes for editing).

If you mean can anyone order their own books, then yes Lulu does have international.


Haha no! I meant can any writer from all over the world order a copy of their book for editing purposes


Thank you again! No, I understand that. I actually meant that can any writer order a copy of their book for review purposes (basically, if they ship internationally).


Got it! Sorry for the misunderstanding.


Yes, as I said, they are international! :smiley:


Me too! Except I used Createspace. So sorry it’s now been absorbed by Amazon mainstream. I found Createspace easy to use (eventually!)


So happy for u


Your book looks beautiful! :heart_eyes:


omg! that’s so cool, I want to do something like that but not too sure how, also no one reads my book anymore lol doubt anyone would buy or download it aha


She printed a single personal copy. She didn’t make it available for purchase.


no, no I know, im just referring to what others have done, I think its cool of her todo so and what a great job on the book!


That looks so pretty! How much did they charge? Could you enlighten us a more about Createspace? Now I’m confused whether to go for Lulu or Createspace. :joy:


The difference is cost, really. Shipping, for example, can be quite different, especially in non-US markets.


What’s the difference? Can you tell me? =)


In shipping? Varies by market. You just have to compare the two and see which will give you the better deal.


Often it depends on whether they print locally. I have a friend in Australia. Lulu prints locally there, but Amazon does not so the shipping costs for Lulu (FOR HIM) are lower. So it depends on where they are shipping from and where they are shipping to.