I printed a personal copy of my book


Omg if that were me I would be so surprised, like I did this? This is my work? Printed in a real life book?


This is just honestly amazing! It looks great and it must be awesome to have! (Gonna send this to everyone who asks me what I want for Christmas!)


Okay I get you. Thanks! :heart:


:scream: that’s beautiful!!! Ugh! I am soooo inspried now!

Did you design the cover yourself? If so, what program did you use? Photoshop?
If you didn’t design it, who is your GD!?!?!?!!?


This is really cool! I got published over the summer too!


It’s gorgeous! Nuff said.




Anybody got some people I can get in touch with to get my own book published?


That isn’t how it works. Assuming you want to be traditionally published, you need to polish your manuscript and then put together a query package. You’ll either query agents (for Big 5 or most large publishers) or directly query small publishers.


Published wasn’t the right word… I just want a personal copy… for my own keep.


Ah! Sorry. Check out Lulu and Createspace. They likely cost roughly the same to produce a single copy, so be sure to check shipping costs as well.


soo prettyyy, im jealous. so happy for u tho:grinning:


Wow! That’s a great cover. You did really good on the design of the book! I’ve been thinking about getting a personal copy of my book printed for myself. Seeing how pretty yours is makes me want it even more! I’m jealous, lol.


It’s beautiful. I’m not checking how expensive it is to do this as I REALLY want one of my own :heart_eyes:


Getting your own book through POD is very inexpensive - just a few dollars (check out the printing aspect of KDP. The cost is based on # of pages + shipping. You have to design a cover, but it can be as simple or as complicated as you wish.


@Bookwormr27 @LilyAnnarosa thank you both :slight_smile:

@redfae as @MichaelJSullivan said, it can be inexpensive. Through Lulu, the site I used, it was $8 USD to create the book, which was 464 pages on a 5.5 x 8.5 paperback.


That’s a damn good looking cover.


@MichaelJSullivan, @MakaylaSophia, I think I might treat myself to my own novel for Christmas 2019, if I’m still not in print. Just the thought of holding my own physical book that I’ve written makes my heart flutter.


I think that’s a great idea!


Ooh I really want to do this at some point, when I get around to editing the crap out of my stories and flesh out the storylines some more.

And yours look really great :heart_eyes:

Though I don’t want to think about what shipping costs would be to Denmark. I might just go with Saxo, which is Danish :blush: