I printed a personal copy of my book

Shipping costs must be taken into account. A friend of mine from Australia uses Lulu over Amazon because Lulu prints locally so the shipping costs are much less.

I wonder how many printers Lulu has? Looking at their shipping estimates, which are fairly quick across the world, I’d think they’re pretty wide? I’d have to look further into it.

You could use Blurb.co.uk - shipping to Denmark isn’t too bad since it’s from the UK. :smile:


I’ll take that into account if it’ll ever come to that, thank you :smile:

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Hey, you said this was a 5.5 x 8.5 right? I wanted to do my book with this size and but I have no idea what extract resolution size you used.

The print-on-demand companies have templates that you or your cover artist can use. Images for print normally need to be 300 dpi (dots per inch). That means you take the size that you want it to be in inches when it’s printed and multiply by 300, and that’s how many pixels it needs to be in whatever program you’re using to create it.

(If you want an image that goes right to the edge of the page, you need to make it a bit bigger than the size of the page indicates. This is to allow for what’s known as “bleed”. The printer prints your pages and cover on sheets that are bigger than the final size, then trims them to that size. They can’t guarantee that the cuts will fall in exactly the same place every time. So anything that’s supposed to go right to the edge has to go past where the edge is supposed to be, to make sure you don’t get a thin white strip at the edge. The company’s instructions will tell you how much bleed you have to allow.)

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Yes, but when I printed my 6x9 books from Lulu, I had to size my covers as 1838x2775. So what size would I use for 5.5x8.5? I just wanted to know this way, otherwise, I have to start creating the book and then actually try to input the cover before they tell me what size to use… Which is a lot of work. I just wanted a simple size before I started putting the book together.

Your cover depends on how how many pages your book has, because it includes the spine. I used Lulu xpress, and in the box where it tells you to input your cover, there should be an option to download a template.

My final was 3768 x 2692 (if I’m pulling up the right file, I’m on mobile so I’ll have to double check later)


Thank you.

WOOOOAAA. drools over pic This is so cool. I don’t know you can do that kind of thing.


looks awesome! I would love to see one of my books like that, even though not published just having it printed would be epic for me.

Time… patients and time. And yet, Lulu you say, time to investigate costs, at least for one copy.

Glad to hear it. Looks good.
They wanted $1000 for me to print a 30-pg comic.

Then I tried Blurb, and they printed one copy right, then print the other copies all incorrectly.
Guess there’s Amazon.

how did you do that

I outlined it all in the first post.

This is pretty cool. I wasn’t aware you could do this!

That’s so cool :open_mouth:

Your book turned out amazing!

I love Lulu. It is so reasonably priced and it is nice to have copies of something I worked so hard on. I actually use Lulu to print my book as giveaways when I run contests. It is completely worth it and readers enjoy getting a physical copy.


Oh my gosh, that is SUPER cool. Giving away your printed books is a really cool idea. I might try that someday when I actually publish and have fixed up my editing completely.


It is definitely a different beast to read them in a physical format. So many editing issues I missed in Word were like neon pink signs on a printed page.