I received a deal? Idk help me out.

So, a couple of days back I received a PM on Wattpad saying the person is from an App. They asked me to publish my book, “It’s Just Pretence” on FicFun or Dreame and said they’d pay me for it.

Out of curiosity, I replied to them on their Email ID and later on they said that they want me to write a very new story which is specifically published on their platform. Not written anywhere, they mentioned that they have a bunch of editors who will help me throughout the story and will help me edit and that they’ll pay me for it.

I’m not really sure, and I don’t know who to discuss this with. Please help.

First, report the account as using Wattpad for business related things is not allowed.

And steer clear of Dreame/Ficfun. They severely underpay authors and it hurts the business.

Here’s some other threads about Dreame/Ficfun


I’ve already done that. Thank you!


Fabulous :ok_hand::smile:

The sites that depend upon poaching users from other websites are automatically a turn off. The money deal seems nice and all, but they bind you for 5 years with some kind of contract. I also read somewhere that if you remove your story and delete your account, the story you posted will still be up there and no matter how many times you contact the website, they won’t remove it.

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