I seem to lose CSS on the tag ranking page

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It’s a known issue. Been going on for a while :’)

Ahh thank you. I didn’t see that.

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I’m impressed that your one loads at all. Mine has been broken for like a month :joy:

Oh, btw, I learned it also depends on your web browser. In chrome, it loads, but with no css. In firefox, the page either doesn’t load or gives an error that it is missing. I don’t have safari, so I can’t test in that one. lol

It’s funny, I work on this stuff for a living, so it’s just natural to test websites in different browsers. 8 times out of 10 it’s usually a script error somewhere, at least when it breaks for me.

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I use Chrome and Safari and it shows up with no formatting on both, haha.

And yes, when I used to dabble in webcoding, I would test everything in every browser after making changes, lol.

Okay so what is a CSS ?

Stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It’s what gives a website a stylized appearance, and makes it easier to maintain that style across different pages. Make them look ‘purdy’ or horrible depending on how bad you are with it. lol

Oh okay , I still confused but I think I get it . Thank you .

I have the CSS if I click on my title, go to the read more, and then choose the button on the right for tag rankings. The button on the my stories page has lost the CSS. And this is within the same browser (Edge)