I suck at poetry

Hi, I need advice. I’m trying to write a piece of song lyric for my book but I’m terrible at poetry. Any advice on how to do this?

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Try looking at actual songs and see how they’re formed. Most songs/ poetry follow iambic pentameter, of course you could go off from this. Just make sure you stick to that consistent rhythm. That is what really makes a song, repetition. (Not just of lyrics/chorus but of the syllables and meters)

I would suggest thinking of what you’re trying to convey in your song/poem and really focus on words that add to that vibe, words that have certain connotations etc. Listen to some songs, get inspo!

But if all fails, you can always just stick to end rhymes and look over some sonnets :slight_smile:


yes. avoid poetry when trying to write song lyrics.

songs tell a story to someone else
poetry tells a story to yourself

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