I think hacks are happening



So I know there has been an issue on spam accounts lately but a relatively dead account of a person I used to be friends with showed up with this:

Now they’re an American citizen (from what I remember 4 years ago) and not whatever language this is. I already reported them but this only makes me worried that there’s a hacking problem with Wattpad in accordance to the random foreign bios with a link to a sketchy site.

UPDATE: She messaged me yesterday and she got her account back. Woop.

Troll Followers

H.O.L.Y. sh**.

This actually scares me. :astonished:


Yeah I never remember her bio ever being like that too


Oh dear


This is getting more terrifying by the minute! Yikes!


THANK YOU!! I thought I was the only one noticing something strange happening.
This account randomly followed me yesterday, and before I follow anyone back on here I always make it a point to check their profile (because there are creeps on here) so when i opened it I saw this


I don’t know if that account was made to spam or it was hacked but I would still report it


I am also wary of following now with this news. Is there anything Wattpad can do to safeguard accounts?


I did report it.:joy:


Wonderful. Thank you.


If someone’s been hacked the owners can read this https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/articles/203360010-How-to-Report-a-Hacked-Wattpad-Account- or can’t then someone (only one please) can report the following profile and add note about this so HQ can look.

Check ticket record after reporting.

Usually ‘hacks’ aren’t real hacks and WP is safe but only if you have a weak password or someone who knows your info can access it which is why never share or hide your device from public.


I think I got another one.


So I guess I’m backing my story up to Google Docs before bed.


It’s not just hacks. Any sites, any issues, always having back up is important. :+1:


It seems that (for now), old dead/abandoned accounts are the ones being targeted. Idk if changing passwords would work (it didn’t work against the people-being-logged-into-other-people’s-accounts issue).


I never follow back people I dont know or never spoken to o.o i only follow people i frequently talk to o.o

but this is soooo weirdddd

maybe those are the bots? i think wattpad has bots that votes on people’s books or smth. i dunnooooo


This person I used to speak to 4 years ago on threads. If you check her mb all her friends are asking where she disappeared to. So her suddenly turning into a bot is concerning


wattpad is soooo effed up D:

we can go to tapas then xDDDD


XD yes we can


Just wanna say to everything that Wattpad is safe, it’s just clicking on any links you don’t trust that isn’t safe.

There’s no need to worry about Wattpad. It’s just there are apparently some users out there trying to get your information. Which they can get if you click on any link they provide.