I think hacks are happening



I just find it strange that the owner would change her bio into a language she doesn’t speak including a link to an unsafe site. It just seems like dead accounts are being targeted.


The title scares me even more


But i got followed by one of spam accounts today though, i instantly mute them and sometimes i report them for spam


It does sound pretty scary in my opinion, especially old accounts that aren’t on Wattpad anymore getting hacked.


Kinda makes them feel like a zombie.


It could be a combination of old accounts and accounts with weak passwords. Usually in the case of active accounts getting hacked it’s not really a hack. It’s the user logging in from a shared device and forgetting to log out and someone happened upon it and decided to mess with it. Obviously that’s probably not the case here if she has been inactive for a long time, but theoretically someone could’ve gotten a hold of a device she’d been logged in from and changed it that way.

I know we’re dealing with a lot of spam bots creating accounts so it is possible there is a hack bot out there targeting older accounts, but I can’t say for sure. Right now I’m definitely as in the dark as you are. Just wanted to provide some possible theories as to what’s going on.


Possibly but all I can say is I knew this user and this is way out of character for her


It’s not just Wattpad. My friend’s husband had been inactive on Goodreads for a while, and his bio recently was replaced with the same thing.


Oh dear… I wonder if it’s also happening on other reading/writing sites? Or I wonder if the goodreads account was accessed because it had the same password as a Wattpad account?



The email I specifically created just for a wattpad community (and haven’t used for anything else) got a phishing email riddled with bad grammar this morning as well. Could it be related?


I think that would be quite likely. Usually the way that people steal someone’s account on any website is that they run it through a program that will test a number of weak passwords. Then if they get a match on one site they’ll see if it’s used on other sites. And Wattpad has a section on your profile where you can link to your goodreads, so it would be easy to find it. A lot of people do reuse passwords even though they’re not supposed to. Also, I think some of these hackers like targeting old accounts because the original owner of the account is unlikely to try to do anything to stop them.

It’s also important to note that this seems like targeting the accounts, not Wattpad itself. Big difference there because it means they can only get access to the account(s) they manage to crack the password(s) for.

The important thing is to make sure you have a good, secure password and use it only for Wattpad.


Yes. This happened to a friend of mine, too.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any screenshots but it was essentially the same thing.

His account also followed a random user that I forgot the name of.

Wait, now I remember. The users were @/yungxster and @/MaryAnnSantamaria. When (I think it was Sean?) asked him if he’d followed them himself he said no.

99% sure these are random follows.


Actually @AaronRyuchi come be useful. You were a victim.


He doesn’t have a Wattpad account. But I’m guessing it happens on a lot of social media sites.


I’ve got the same problem! I’ve just had the weird account follow me and usually I follow back without question but I saw this thread and it’s made me go back and look through my followers and the people I follow to see if anything else is going on.

@jessie-bear & @JJJ000YYY it’s the same web url!

I did a few rough translations of their bio (the language a number of translators detected was Russian but some said Romanian and Serbian) I know these don’t all make sense and you can never really trust online translators either but I thought I’d give it a shot.
The only two translations I got which had any English in them were these:

  1. Google translate: “Single young uunuyya zhenshinu razuskivauet currently raru verbal pleased overall birth of grow into the joy of sex and then”

  2. Bing translate: “By the name of the International Bureau of the EU, the… slovno rаdi obshheg rzodukha izveustij vrroshem i radi Seeka tut”

They don’t really make much sense…


either way it’s obviously for porn ads


This is an account that followed me recently. It has a different link than the ones posted on this thread, but it’s still bad, obviously. Everyone please be careful!


It would be a good idea to change your passwords frequently to something unique and do not enter your information into fraudulent sites (Wattpad will never ask you for your password). Don’t use the same password for multiple sites. This is just a good habit to have for anything online to stay safe.


I got something like that, too, though it wasn’t from any account I know or follow already. I just dismissed it as a kind of thing that happens everywhere online. It happens in other websites also.

However, I think your issue is slightly different. This needs to come to the attention of the Council (so to speak).


That’s definitely Russian, just written in the Latin rather than the proper Cyrillic alphabet. It’s no great literature:

Single young, very young women searching here a for a pair, supposedly for general relaxation (?) but also for sex