I think hacks are happening



Thanks for the translation! I had a feeling it was some kind of porn add thing…


Why Wattpad becomes T**blr now… :rage:


i had something like this happen to my tumblr. a pornbot hijacked it suddenly and started messaging people spam and nudes that i hope to god were legal. it eventually got banned and although i managed to bring it back, i just decided to make a new one instead


Interesting. I’ll have to change my password again and back up Stardust on google drive.


No, there wouldn’t be those. Plus that would be cheating :eyes:


that so… :open_mouth: I dunno. its a talk in the twitter world :open_mouth:


Really? Twitter and their rumors :roll_eyes: My sis once told me that people in twitter are arguing how they write ‘x’ :rofl:


yeah xD

i didnt know ppl argue about that o.o

but well, people on twitter basically argue about anything xD so sounds legit.


My account had also been turned into one of these bots. How wonderful, now I have to change my passwords for Tumblr, Discord, Youtube, Scratch, AO3, Smackjeeves, Twitter, Pintrest, pretty much everything.


Yeah make sure they aren’t the same password or the issue may happen again


I think a new kind of hacking wave is happening.
I got a follower whose name made me suspicious. And with good reason because they are everywhere. (I have reported it.)
If you come across one, make sure to report it too.


That one user alone let to all of these:

id701004.sexy29.pw @camrencabaeyo
id760234.20sexy.pw @Wickedrip
id149984.sexy20.pw @hazelbentor
id280996.sexy28.pw @djberto
id943792.21sexy.pw @MarcosBarriosR
id678898.19sexy.pw @georgpink
id783023.21sexy.pw @TopChuck
id941186.18sexy.pw @spunkynuggets
id857872.sexy19.pw @CJToro247
id540761.sexy28.pw @mikescarpets
id934409.sexy27.pw @walkingBombshell
id701004.sexy29.pw @camrencabaeyo
id291837.20sexy.pw @Loorenzoo_
id120737.sexy25.pw @lollopotter
id831267.sexy27.pw @omakos246
id219692.21sexy.pw @vanhuynhle
id398331.18sexy.be @toochoding
id255418.18sexy.xyz @Jo12283
id186124.sexy28.pw @camrichie
id807579.18sexy.c o @Oxygen678
id981912.sexy19.pw @sophiewebb16
id30623.sexy20.pw @cviska
id930155.sexy28.pw @jarjar182
id824440.sexy22.pw @twitch222
id240199.sexy28.pw @Naixformayor
id245476.sexy20.pw @cacubas
id666752.sexy19.pw @Swageronies
id697957.18sexy.eu @itsmemissy123
id635149.21sexy.pw @Pandaus1210
id330395.20sexy.pw @michelle3344
id603019.sexy28.pw @toanthang1988
id104293.18sexy.pw @hyperdelusion
id508262.sexy20.pw @frisky4598
id296107.sexy25.pw @jestorres_YT
id665631.sexy22.pw @Abdama
id590673.18sexy.pw @firehead129
id310015.sexy25.pw @bernardo1234567
id839156.sexy26.pw @gchatzid
id83788.sexy23.pw @xMini_Maddyx
id330188.sexy27.pw @bmi7711
id118363.sexy22.pw @TheEffectOfWords
id785706.19sexy.pw @kissimint
id725052.18sexy.pl @AlexGarcia776
id609862.21sexy.pw @Javsims19
id769816.18sexy.eu @king-dimi
id255349.sexy20.pw @jumagul0012
id349769.sexy26.pw @Dixitall
id176475.sexy22.pw @MenoftheWest23
id85564.sexy26.pw @insainzz
id428120.sexy25.pw @omgitswhite
id964678.sexy21.pw @lizdaboss
id683869.18sexy.eu @Grimmy095
id794420.sexy29.pw @Ichminh
id227283.20sexy.pw @sagicorlifeusa
id298450.18sexy.biz @Failingfantasy
id761593.18sexy.biz @nicezero
id955795.sexy21.pw @13ahlam13
id711694.18sexy.be @99Cooper
id445106.19sexy.pw @bezi562
id682247.sexy19.pw @llxTR3Yxll
id801558.19sexy.pw @RyanG613
id204850.sexy19.pw @NataliaxX1606
id924084.18sexy.xyz @Skyfart
id806457.21sexy.pw @craftyalex
id611787.sexy20.pw @claudio2510
id847980.18sexy.pl @Bhill0390
id875246.18sexy.pl @Candythedemon
id72757.20sexy.pw @carlos_1209
id81422.sexy25.pw @SimplyLavinia
id137895.sexy25.pw @MegRanfos
id559978.18sexy.c o @uh_allicia
id721764.21sexy.pw @Kameyasaddy
id654294.sexy26.pw @Illusive25
id106545.sexy20.pw @BigAl512
id939919.18sexy.pl @phreshapple
id183765.sexy29.pw @ItsmeeGeeGeee
id623359.18sexy.be @kOKSen0k
id511573.sexy26.pw @TalhaSamedBayansal
id753976.sexy25.pw @sergiocrcarvalho
id804279.sexy28.pw @wprstx2
id302655.18sexy.biz @channing2d
id666299.sexy25.pw @rhernandez3
id631589.18sexy.pw @chilambu
id419217.sexy22.pw @aceggwp

Ask the Ambassadors Anything

Two of those profiles followed me today. :confused:


I would mute them just to make sure they can’t post spam on your books or profile and then report them.


This is why WP needs 2-Factor :woman_facepalming:


I second the motion.


2 step verification would be sublime.


Like, it’s not a hard feature to implement, and it’s quite common with many sites to have at least an option to add 2FA to your account. You would think with how long WP has been around it would be a security feature they would have added, especially with the Spam Bot problem that happened a few months ago.


I looked up a couple of them and I didn’t see anything particularly spammy about them but just in case @TheOrangutan I’ll tag you. The sexy part of all the user names is what looks suspicious to me, but the accounts themselves had nothing on them that I could see red flags on (though I did only look at 10 of them)


It’s the sexy.-thing I didn’t like.
And I talked with Nick who said that you shouldn’t be able to call yorself something that includes a period.
To me it looks like some kind of link to porn.