I think hacks are happening



Oh no, not the Russians again! They couldn’t just stick to interfering with elections. :roll_eyes:


Thanks folks, I’ll flag that up to HQ.


Here’s another one: id633007.sexy29.pw @katiejo2324


You can also post the spam links in this thread-

And a mod/ambassador will take care of it.


It’s not WP. It’s users who hate it that made WP not implement it. I’m really hoping they now add the I’m not a robot verification or captcha (but the 1st one should be better than captcha)


I recently had gotten a follower and I checked out their profile, Russian. I got curious and google searched their bio and quickly realized what they were about.


Post link in above thread please. So it can be :hammer:




This is creepy.


Yes it is but it’s 'cause due to Jan of this year’s email hack I assume they changed only to older accounts. Which is why always have strong password and change new one every 6 month should do (or have those 2 step verify for email)


The thing is AI is smart enough to get through that captcha even now. I’m not saying 2FA should be mandatory, but at least an option.


They can? Darn, I thought captcha was only smart for humans (and might have think human controlling bots are the ones entering) :frowning:

If they did implement 2FA I hope it doesn’t include a call. Gmail does that in order to give code which I don’t like.


I changed my password yesterday to be safe (I need to re-download my book too).

If you check your existing followers, you’ll see that several of them have also been hacked.
I’ve reported a decent amount of hacked users today – and seen the number of followers go down equally.


Won’t work for me as we only have a land line. Can’t send text to a landline. MS did this as well. I guess I’ll not verify that account.


There’s a way for 2FA to send an email code as well, without the use of a phone.


I got a follower today and they seem skeptical…

I reported them but I don’t really know whether they were genuine or not…





They seemed hacked


You can drop the hacked accounts in this thread-

and a mod/ambassador will take care of them.


It’s not just dead accounts or accounts with weak passwords. I use wattpad on a daily basis and just a few minutes ago I went to my profile (I rarely check it) and discovered some startling differences. My name was set to the sexy link mentioned in the first post, and I had followed about 30 extra profiles that did not match my language…My password was pretty unique and quite random (and new due to being changed in January) so i got no clue on how they gained access. I changed it, but this matter concerns me.


Hi there! Gabby from Support! :wave: :blush:

First just want to mention that account security is really important to us here at HQ, and we definitely share concern about anything happen to your account! If you see any accounts that have spam links in the description or profile name, I’d encourage you to report the account so that a Wattpad agent can investigate this further.

If you find your own account follows this behaviour, I’d ask that you please take a screenshot and send in a ticket to Support! The more information we can collect on this is really helpful for us moving forward.

As for a general account security, I’d recommend these tips to help keep your account safe:

  1. Use a strong password and mix it up with uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers and symbols.
  2. If something from Wattpad sounds suspicious, it likely is. Confirm it by contacting Wattpad Support.
  3. Only login through https://www.wattpad.com where the connection is secure, when accessing the Wattpad website.
  4. Only trust users who claim to work at Wattpad if they have the coloured Wattpad ‘W’ symbol next to their display name on their Wattpad profiles.

And if you have any other questions, please let me know! :sunny: