I think hacks are happening



For this that are worried this will happen to them, I would suggest changing your passwords frequently or to something that hackers can’t guess. It’s not going to stop it all together, but it does help for those of us that are scared of this happening to us! Just a suggestion. :blush:


Hi Gabby. Is there any chance we will be getting two step verification on Wattpad? I know you guys are always working on the thing, and I’ve been wondering if it’s in the pipeline (if you allowed to tell me), or something being considered.


I wouldn’t rely too much on this but it’s still handy to me https://haveibeenpwned.com/

Maybe it might help next time or whenever you want to check


So what’s really creepy is that I checked my follower page the other day and found that several of my followers had been changed to these accounts - which is really creepy because they definitely used to have normal bios and usernames and stories on their account, and I know because I followed them back and I don’t follow people back before checking if they’re a bot. And I distinctly remember these people’s old usernames and bios. I think I even had conversations with some of them.




These are spam accounts. You can drop them in this thread-


I’m saying they absolutely weren’t spam accounts before, because they used to be active users with bios and normal names and books and comment histories. They used to be normal users, and then they turned into bots. And they aren’t even old accounts.

I’m not going to report them because that will get them taken down, and these are actual people’s accounts that have books on them, and people have reported eventually being able to get their accounts back and I don’t want them to get taken down if there’s a chance the original user could still access the account.


Will they automatically get taken down if you report them, though? It could just bring it to the attention of the mods so they can start the process of helping those people get their accounts back. They might not know they’ve been hacked if they’re not super active.

I’ve reported a few of these accounts and they’re all still up so it doesn’t seem to me they automatically get deleted if you report them as spam.


Ok, so first, if you personally know them then I would suggest telling and have a email password change but if you don’t and just concerned then I can tell you this.

If users have works or/and reading list then their names will only change, no deletion unless their works have banned material (some accts I stumbled have violations).

If users have nothing but only following users then it may go bye-bye

The problem with these accounts though is they were created around 2012-2018 and I’m not sure if they’ll come back (except 2018?) since they don’t use WP anymore. Also the fact that people need to know to try having the 2-step email security or just a change of password every 6 months.

But you can PM me or dump in the thread ^^ but with a note if you don’t want to report and I’ll try telling to HQ


I have four of these accounts following me, all with the wwwsexy in their bios. I would report them, but I’m not too sure if they’re wattpad accounts that have been hacked. So, I’m leaving them be.


They are. You can share the links here.


I would, but I don’t want the original users to loose their accounts.


I recommend reading post #89 in this thread.


Okay, paragraph 2 post 89 has convinced me.








Will handle that. If found more then Come Across a "WattPad Premium Access" Spam Profile? Post Here! :heart:




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Someone on Wattpad is sharing my copyrighted novel, and Wattpad won’t do anything about this. I’m not sure if this qualifies as a hack or not, but it sure as hell isn’t ethical. Anyone know what I can do about this?


Did you report and if yes did you check Ticket record? That is important so to know if it got through or not.

You can read this and yes, you need to fill a DMCA which means you need to put your personal info