I think hacks are happening




Funny that you mention this. I just reported 3 accounts that followed me.

They did not have any read lists or published books. The only thing they had in common was that they were following multiple people, and had a strange url format in the username of their profiles. All included the word ‘sexy’ in said url.

It doesn’t take a genius to know what those links likely lead to, even without clicking them directly.


Yas! :clap: (Now that I think it but kind of looks like Exodia :thinking:)


I mean consider that they had an AI once that through machine learning, one of its paintings wont an art contest.

Though granted it probably wont more for the novelty of the thing.


Also worth mentioning most of the .sexy.pw profiles I reported were not “Russian” but rather Indian.

I think the whole Russiophobia has gotten a little old.



Not much more than that. See the pattern? Not Russian.


The earlier hacks were advertising ‘single young women’ in Russian. I guess some diversification has happened since.


Wattpad should really start doing something about the hacks that are happening. I just saw a hacked account with published books - and there is also a risk of copyright infringement. Even accounts who were active just last December are getting hacked, and there was even a 1M reads book there :disappointed:


Goddamn that’s scary


Yes, exactly :disappointed:


It makes me wonder if the passwords were secure enough or if there’s something the hackers are using to be able to breach security of an account


I can’t say, but I actually thought people learned to use strong passwords :relieved: But I can’t really say about the safety of WP’s database system


Yeah it’s uncertain at this point and either option is viable


I see that all the accounts I reported are still there, so I’m wondering if someone is actually looking at the matter from WP staff


Same, I don’t think they’re so quick to delete accounts anymore


I don’t even know if reporting an account with reads will actually cause the real author to lose their work and efforts to get there :sweat:


Yeah, it seems to be a tricky issue since deletion seems too hasty


Yeah :disappointed_relieved:


Hopefully something gets done about it


Yes, I hope so. Especially because WP should guarantee the rights of our works