I think hacks are happening



The whole situation just feels like a zombie apocalypse since the dead (accounts) or up and walking again when they’re supposed to be inactive


Haha, yes, the zombie accounts’ apocalypse :joy:


What next may be an alien invasion

Users from another platform, mass joining this one XDDD


Or maybe we’ll learn the big bosses are reptilians :joy::joy::thinking:


Le gasp, all the conspiracies




I remember making a thread awhile back about wattpad being hacked by Russia or going communist since there was a glitch where all books were at 0 reads


:joy::joy::joy: People might even believe in all these conspiracies :sweat_smile:


My gosh, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did




XDDD oml


As wedgetail_blue said, before these hacks there was Russian writing on people’s bio with sex/porn link. It’s not that we or any wattpadder in general are Russiophobia. Just wary and was written in Russian (or some of it was) but thanks for the info about the sexy hack one.


Ah see there we go that’s more context, I can believe that can take on a Russian form sometimes.

Although that suggests how complicated it is, if they’re showing up as Indian though.

Wha what, toxic? What’s that about? O_o I think I had toxic on the brain. (Just got into my second therapy appointment yesterday.)


Just to note that users with works will only get name changed. I assume they’re busy so it may take time…


If they can log in again… I don’t know exactly how they hack profiles, but if they change the password, real users can’t login anymore


I second the request for two-step verification. I got notified that I’d had several new followers and when I checked on them, they all had the porny names. I reported and blocked them and then went to my profile and discovered someone had changed my name too!!! :triumph::scream::imp::rage:

Changed my password - again. And spent 20 minutes unfollowing an insane amount of people the hacker must have decided to follow rather than waste his time changing the email or password to lock me out of my own account.

Two-step verification would go a long way to helping with this problem.


I did report it, and got back a generic message which had nothing to do with the issue.


Just went to fill out the report and the story has been removed. Thanks!


That’s cool and this is why you need ticket record to make it went through or not.

Steps to it (you need web)

  1. Go to ‘Help’

  2. Upper right ‘Sign in’

  3. Click ‘my activity’

So when you report any reasons/options make sure you check ticket record for status and if something wrong then you can send bug ticket :smiley:


I got a new .sexy account following me.