I think there's a bit of a problem with the stats...


I check my stats multiple times a day (mainly because it’s the only accurate way to check your reads on phone after you hit 1,000 reads), and I’ve noticed that the past five days, it shows up as 0 unique readers. Now, on my other books, this wouldn’t surprise me in the least. However, this is my most popular book, and I’ve never gotten below 1 unique reader a day before – let alone 0 for five days straight. On top of that, I’ve gotten comments, votes, and saw my read count go up by roughly a hundred reads a day, but the stats still claim I have zero unique readers. Anyone else got this problem?


Mines done the same.


Normally it only lasts a day, two tops. Five, though…?


I know. Rankings haven’t moved either in several days.


Really, it’s more of a challenge to find something that is working than that isn’t.

Rankings have been broken for weeks (according to Wattpad) or months (according to users). Indexing seems to have become decoupled from ranking, so that works are not indexed as they are ranked.

The total read count does not have any relation to the “unique readers” stats. The various stats are not consistent with each other - for example, unique readers = 0 on days when a chapter was published that got 90 completed reads and several votes. Votes = 0 for days when I got vote notifications. Sadly, the only reads you can rely on Wattpad keeping track of are your reads of your own work.

Then, as the crowing cherry, the Wattpad ranking algorithm kicks into life with belches of smoke, and re-ranks your work down because of the apparent lack of reads and engagement.


Hey, my top book has about 14k reads and I’m noticing the same issue as you. I really don’t know what’s up.


Thank goodness! I was worried when I saw my stats, considering I have gained quite a few new dedicated readers within the past few days. Honestly, the ranking system is pure trash. I constantly browse through them, look for the number where my book “should” be, and do not find it. :confused:


Same problem over here. I submitted a ticket, but hopefully everyone else is too so that it gets on Wattpad’s radar faster!


Same’s happening to me. I might only be a really small writer, but i’ve seen read counts go up for all my works, but nothing in the way of unique readers. Rankings are weird too. When i look into the ranking, my story doesn’t even show up


Same thing is happening to all 13 of my works. It’s definitely a glitch. :confused:


This has been a problem for months, according to Wattpaders, and since the end of December, according to Wattpad.. As far as I can tell, there are at least two problems:

  1. Stories don’t get ranked in a timely way, and how it works is mysterious. It seems to take about a week for the ranker to run. It interacts with indexing (see below) and uses information like number of reads and engagement stats. If those stats are broken, then the ranker is broken. There used to be an open issue for the slowness, but it was closed without a noticeable speedup. Maybe other aspects were fixed.

  2. Ranked stories are not indexed correctly or at all. In other words, a story might get a rank of 10 in “#magicalcats”, but all that means is that Wattpad’s indexer is supposed to put in in about the 10th index position in the #magicalcats tag. It doesn’t mean it has actually done it. The indexed follows slowly along behind the ranker, and may or may not work. Sometimes it appears that it is so slow, that the ranker meanwhile has re-ranked the story before the indexer gets to it. I entered a ticket for the mismatch between ranks and index position, and was told that it’s a known problem. The ticket was closed, but apart from the generic “ranks don’t work” perma-issue, no issue was opened.

For all the stories that were never indexed or that dropped off the indexes and can’t be found by searching, or that were indexed under #magicalcats when the story is really about #billionairewerewolfalphamates, the only way to find readers is by “community engagement”.


Yes! This is happening to me too! All the graphs of my works are on zero since Feb. 5th and I have had a definite activity on all my work (votes, reads and comments). I submitted a ticket today and hope they’ll fix this soon.
In the past this used to last maybe up to three days, but five, that’s new. And yes, rankings must be broken too, because there has been no motion, despite my books having gotten many new readers. sighs


Yeah it’s the same for me, and I know for a fact I’ve gotten plenty of new reads (as in new readers to the story). I just published a story 2 days ago and it’s only got one chapter and it’s almost at a 100 reads, and the stats say zero. My other story for a few thousand reads in the last few days too and it’s at zero. The ranks are also frozen again D: That kills me because just when I finally get a really good updating schedule that I know will help the ranking…they go down again D:


I think I’m just gonna post daily updates. Then you can match the read/vote count and the extremely high (read: nonexistent) reader count. Yesterday was an update day


Mine’s doing the same thing, annoyingly. Between the two dates it stopped processing, I went up 1K reads so in theory the number should be higher than 0. Looks like a glitch in need of fixed :joy:


In desperate need of fixing… It’s been six days now!


Agreed. Did you submit a ticket?


Did not. I’ve found tickets don’t help much. Others here have submitted, though - to no avail, as you can see


Submit one as well, the more people who do, the more likely it’ll be fixed


I wrote an email today and got this reply. :smile::woman_shrugging:t2: