I wanna become more involved with the writing community... any advice on where to start?

Hi guys! I’m sure maybe some of you have seen me floating around, or maybe it’s you first time seeing me. I’m Samantha! You can call me Sam for short if you’d like. I write mainly fan-fiction, but I’d love to venture off into YA/Contemporary or New Adult after I’ve completed this last book. I’m about half way done now and with the more recent hiatus I took because of work, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my writing, how I feel about it, and where I’d like to see it progress in the future.

I just hit my sixth year here on Wattpad (Woo!) and while some would say I’ve done fairly well in my early days, I don’t really feel like I’ve contributed enough or even participated in ways I wish I had when I was younger. I’ve unpublished some books because of the quality and some are still around. Of course, as we all get older responsibilities come our way and we can’t always dedicate those long hours we may have at one point. But I think I’m okay now.

And reads aren’t really everything to me. I think I was confused about that when I first started writing. It happened pretty suddenly and stopped suddenly too. But that’s besides the point. I’m only bringing this up because I wanna become more active, as a writer, in this community. I wanna use this platform for a positive and do more than just what I’ve been. I’m not asking to have your first born or anything, but maybe some tips on doing more than just reading occasionally and writing if i’m lucky.

It’s hard to explain I guess but I want to join writing contests that pique my interest, I want to finish books and not think to myself how I’m gonna recover from overwriting because I can be a lot sometimes lol (personal thing lol). I wanna make good friends and learn how to promote my books effectively and branch outside of my comfort zone. I wanna try new things and attempt all the things I wish I did years ago.

I don’t know guys… Any help/advice/things that could point me in the right direction would be awesome! Even if someone’s able to tell me different clubs/groups/different little things people can do around here bc as active as i can be on here, so much has changed and i’m not always able to keep up with it all xD

You’re a big mood, Sam


Check out the following thread for a nice niche community focused on uplifting and encouraging undiscovered writers:

I can link you to more thread groups and such if you’d like!


Sure, that’d be awesome!

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I’m pretty new here, but I can tell you the things I did right away that has helped me get involved in the community.

One is just being active on forums like this - asking questions, answering questions, talking about random things. There’s a lot of threads that pop up of people mentioning that they are new and looking for friends so I always try to pop over and say hi.

I also joined a finish your novel challenge/club that has been nice, a small group of people who motivate one another and ask each other questions or get support and advice. I thought this would be a better fit for me than a traditional book club which can be more time consuming.

I engage in a lot of read for reads or feedback for feedbacks just to find more people and other stories and get input on my writing.

I’ve found a lot of contests on Wattpad itself searching under the # contest and the Open Novella Contest is coming up on February 1st. That’s a pretty big one and people are pretty excited about it, there are a few threads dedicated to it already.


I’m pretty active on here and have even attempted the FYN challenge, though with work I couldn’t really make it to the finish line. Doing read for reads and feedback has never been something I’ve done and I really dont know why as I’m not opposed to constructive criticism. I guess it’s just with me writing fanfics, sometimes I feel like I wouldn’t be taken as serious. And the Open Novella Contest?. What’s that about? I’ve just recently heard about that, tbh


Okay, so here’s a few more groups I visit:

Everyone here is so wonderful and supportive!

Lots of great knowledge dropped all the time.

Saint is amazing and the way this thread is organized, you can’t help but learn something new every single day! Even if you don’t post, it’s a great resource to just read and absorb all of the knowledge.

This thread will probably be a big reason why I can finish my current work in progress.

Also a great place to schedule word wars/sprints!

I’m super excited for ONC and if you are, too, then this is the place to be!

Hope the links help. :lumi:


Oh my goodness, thank you! You’re so great! :smiley: I appreciate it.

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Lots of times the people who set up the read for reads will specify the genres they do or don’t want to read, and if they don’t you can ask them ahead of time if fan fiction is something they would be willing to look at. Not every read for read works for you and that’s okay, I look through a bunch and see the requirements and their genres before decided a few a want to do at that time.

I see that @astrophile has linked one of the ONC contest threads so I would definitely recommend checking that out. I haven’t competed before, but I’ve been collecting a lot of information and asking questions because I’m EXCITED. It’s a contests that will begin on February 1st, a bunch of prompts will be released and writers will write on those prompts and try to reach word count benchmarks periodically spaced throughout the 12 week contest. On each of those benchmarks the stories that meet the word count benchmark will be reviewed by the judges on whether or not they will make it to the next round. In the end those that are left are people that met the word count benchmarks and wrote an entire novella (between 20k and 40k words I think for this contest) and were also approved by the judges. Although the judging criteria is a bit of a mystery haha.


Oh, that sounds interesting though! And yes I totally know what you mean. I guess I really haven’t given those much thought tbh I don’t really know why I haven’t done them or at least tried.

Visit different threads in the Café. They have many discussions there and that’s how I communicate with so many people on Wattpad. Simple but efficient.


See I do that and you’re not wrong in that sense. I don’t even know how to explain it but sometimes I just find myself getting a little bored? Like I wanna try something new but not knowing where to start?


i feel like i’m still pretty knew here (joined in the summer but took a long break for school and only became recently active again)… so imma just ride your coattails a lil bit here in this thread and see what all the good advice is…


i feeeeeeeel that. or everything dies down a lil too fast

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That’s totally fine!! :smiley:

It really does! Everything is so ever-changing here, and while that’s not technically a bad thing, I find it leaves a lot of people or posts left in the dark most times.

yeah a better way i should have put it was, for the fun super active threads, i look away for 30 seconds and bam, i’m 200 posts behind and my lazy behind just gives up

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omg RIGHT! LOL xD too real haha

well at least i feel better knowing im not the only one hahah. im greatly appreciating this bonding moment

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There’s a lot of great advice here, and I’m super excited that you would like to become more active within the community! The forums are a great start. I’d recommend browsing the threads in #improve-your-writing and participating in some of those conversations. There’s lots of great discussions going on!

If you would like to participate in some other things, I’d suggest checking out book clubs on Wattpad. There’s also some contests, upcoming is the ONC (Open Novella Contest), which will be a big treat!