I want attention !



dangerous why? and wattpad is a great place I think


Yes, Wattpad is really nice but I don’t post private Information about me. And this community side isn’t on Wattpad.


I know I’m very carefully with my private information also :slight_smile:


Everybody can see it so I don’t want to. And I have to say that there is no one who have to know something like this about me. :slight_smile:


indeed I totally agree with you that is why I posted a little bit in the first post about me and not everything :blush:


I think a little bit is okay :slight_smile: but I will never say Personal information about me other People can use for themselves :confused:


I know! and I put of course not my real name in there but how are you?


A nickname is okay but the Real name…hm…i am fine, you ?


I’m very good it was a nice day for me and what have you done today?


My day was…bad. I was in school and I had panic because of a test where I didn’t know anything. I don’t know why :confused: but now I eat something and then I will read my currently book to let the evening fade away xD


okay that is something bad indeed I hope it isn’t a big fault? what was it for test? (just curious) was it difficult and was it for something important?


No it isn’t. It was a maths test and no it wasn’t difficult. Normally I am really good in maths and school but today wasn’t my day. I don’t what happened but I hope that it will be a 3 or C ? I don’t know xD and it was a normal test :slight_smile: what have you done today?


okay I hope it for you too, well I went to the dentist this morning but that is something what I don’t like…


Understandable! I hate it…but I hope it wasn’t so bad?!


always stressing hahaa and everything was okay :smiley:


Perfect :joy: what do you do today?


I go drawing and playing some games so I go relax a lot :slight_smile: and you?


I love drawing :heart_eyes: what do you want to play? I have to finish a picture for the art lesson and then learn briefly, but after that I will also relax xD


okay what do you make for your art lesson and is it fun ? I play games on my i-Pad and I have so much games but now I play the most Harry Potter a Hogwarts Mystery :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


We have to draw four pictures in four different perspectives and since I like art, it’s fun :smiley: I don’t have a game on my phone, but I played Harry Potter until the energy got on my nerves :confused: