I want attention !



dangerous why? and wattpad is a great place I think


Yes, Wattpad is really nice but I don’t post private Information about me. And this community side isn’t on Wattpad.


I know I’m very carefully with my private information also :slight_smile:


Everybody can see it so I don’t want to. And I have to say that there is no one who have to know something like this about me. :slight_smile:


indeed I totally agree with you that is why I posted a little bit in the first post about me and not everything :blush:


I think a little bit is okay :slight_smile: but I will never say Personal information about me other People can use for themselves :confused:


I know! and I put of course not my real name in there but how are you?


A nickname is okay but the Real name…hm…i am fine, you ?