I want to be a bartender



I inexplicably find the idea of bartending appealing.

I feel so smooth when I pouring myself I drink and I want to share that with other people.

Does anyone else relate to this?


pour me a drink then dammit, i’ve been waiting two decades


Haha! Yes I do! But I was advised by my older cousin not to work in one. He used to be a bartender and his boss would deal drugs under the table all the time. He was often threatened not to call the police and eventually just ended up quitting his job. So he found it a pretty sketchy place to work in.

Hope it doesn’t deter you too much.


Oh no


Yeah and this is Australia we’re talking about too. So… yeah… I’m pretty dure that’s not supposed to happen in bars. Lol


I was a bartender for a really shady local sports-bar for an amount of time.
Last update I got, somebody called and threatened a bartender to stay open late. Next morning the back door was vandalized. The owner told the worker not to call the police, because he knew the guys who did and would “deal with it.”
Still fairly certain the owner is on a watch list of sorts, because he often warned us to not involve the police no matter what happened. He would “deal with it.” :thinking:


Sounds frightening to be honest!


It was. To be honest, I should probably have realized the place was less than savory already at the job interview. The owner was charming but there was a lot of red flags, such as the emphasis on not involving police and exclusively hiring students with no prior experience with bartending.

I also never saw a contract or a pay-check. He paid salary in cash or not at all. When I quit, he told me something like “nice girls like me never stays for long.”

To sum up: probably not taking up bar-work again.


oof sorry to hear you had that experience


Now it’s mostly just “that one weird job that I had.” It’s also frustrating that he didn’t ever pay me. Jerk. The place probably won’t run for much longer.


damn. Yeah, I hope it falls apart


Working all night, sleeping through the day? Nah. My flatmate was a bartender and it definitely took out all of the appeal for me to hear her stories.


That sounds like my kind of job lol.

Yeah, I think this needs to stay as a fantasy rather than an actual career tho… oh well.


What is it with bars and being the sketchiest work-spaces on this planet?


Oh yeah. Also, a bartender is rarely just about serving drinks. You also clean the toilets - where people have been snorting lines and puking and missing the bowl. And then you sometimes have to deal with rowdy patrons and maybe earn yourself a slap. And then if it’s a popular bar, you might not even get a break. And then you’re understaffed and you can’t get your shift switched with anyone and you have a fever.

Honestly, bartending sounds like one of the worst jobs in the world.


dreams = crushed


That’s what I’m here for on a lovely Saturday :wink:




That’s incredible unnerving!


Yeah, but not a totally uncommon experience from what I’ve heard. It’s not a very glamorous job.