I want to be a bartender



Ha, I spill drinks all the time so I won’t relate to that, lol. Plus I don’t think bartender is a very high paying job. It is not necessarily in sketchy/criminal places, but you do have to deal with drunkards and enforce that closing time upon alcohol-thirsty customers. But if it still has an appeal for you, then go ahead, you might even learn some cool tricks like bottle-spinning and stuff and become a local legend


that is my one and only dream


I also wanted to try bartending but there’s no bartending school here AND you guys just crushed my dreams T.T


oof bless


There was even some world record for pouring a drink for maximum number of times or something without spilling more than 50 percent of it, so you can get that with practice lol


You can go to bartending school. That’s where you learn the bottle spinning and how to mix drinks really well. Some bars even require you take courses in beer. My flatmate did a whole course on beer alone :joy:


living the best life

maybe I’ll get a degree in bartending then

I’d probably disappoint the hecc out of my parents tho


I even watch a show call " Bar Rescue" (A show where a guy with alot of experiences help out a bunch of failings bars everywhere in the states).


Wouldn’t imagine it to be at all! From what I’ve heard as well, it sounds like a very un-glamorous job.


doing god’s work


It’s not a degree, per se. It’s more like a course. A second cousin of mine did one in Ireland. I’m pretty sure you pay for those kinds of things. But it also means you might get hired in fancy Michelin restaurants.


Ah, well. Just make sure the place isn’t anything like the place I worked if you want to try it out. You’re gonna want a contract.


aw yep
the only problem is, I have no money.

Oh well, maybe I’ll be self-taught.


just wanna say, very true.


Yupp, he’s a tough strict guy when it comes to assholes owners, mangers or even the workers.


Mmh. It’s more fun just being a costumer. The general organized-crime-vibe of the place aside, drunk people suck hard as costumers. Imagine working at a grocery store, except your costumers are shit-faced.


Waitress or bartender? Hmm


Lol! What an untimely image that placed into my head! I can just imagine them running around the store, drunk and half-abusing the cashiers.


omg I used to work in customer service and that sounds like hell

either that or a comedy…