I want to be a bartender



There’s always that option. But you’re still going to get training when/if you get a job at a bar or restaurant. In times of Instagram, making the drinks pretty is important in the higher up places.


See, this is another reason I don’t wanna be a bartender. Being around drunk people sober sucks :joy:


Comedy is tragedy plus time. Neither is far off 🤷


Was not fun at all.


yes I am all about those pretty drinks :tophat::tophat:


Same :smile:


That is what YouTube University is for.


lol true


I’ve had a couple friends that seemed to enjoy it. They tended to work in places that we’re more like neighborhood watering holes as opposed to trendy clubs, though. Like, if an employee left you’d see a dip in business until the new person got more established. Not everyone’s ideal spot, but at least you’ve always got a good portion of the room looking out for you when an idiot comes through


finally a positive reply. thank you