I want to debut undiscovered stories


Is your story under 10,000 reads and completed? Check out my newest project.

Visit my profile here for the link to my wattpad profile!


Any genre welcome. :slight_smile:


Lovely idea. I will check out your profile. My story is completed and about 6 weeks old. Despite working in marketing and advertising I’m not very good at marketing and advertising myself!

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If you send it you’ll be the first story!


Yikes! How exciting. I best send it in quickly then…

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Thank you for doing this! I have a story I can submit. :slight_smile:

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This is awesome! I have a completed story and am in need of this! I’ll check your profile!

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All of you are already up and live! I had this up in my profile a few days before I made this post so the project is already in some readers reading list!


This is pretty cool! I think I found this book a few days ago and added it to one of my reading list!

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I would suggest all of you like each chapter and send a welcoming comment on each other’s books so we can try to beat the algorithm.


How exciting! I have one that might be a good, long read.

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It might not be a bad idea to follow each other too. For so many reasons and I’ll list them in the instructions.


This sounds so amazing! It’s so nice to help out the undiscovered writers. I had one I submitted because it’s my proudest work but it doesn’t have many reads. Thank you so much for this opportunity.


I would suggest you guys look over the instruction page to see if I added anything. Feel free to send graphics for genre’s if you want to help.


I added a list of genres to the book. I’ll add them as I receive requests. I’m looking around 22 genre’s or so for now.


That’s interesting


If we ever do any contests I would like to direct them to readers instead of writers. The contests would be a collaboration of all featured writers and hopefully, bring this project to the readers themselves. Readers and writers can be the same as long as they don’t have a book featured in the project. Maybe a chance to interview their favorite writer to get a glimpse on how the characters lives are going since the completion of the book or something like that…


Hello! :wave:

What you’re doing is really great, but directing people to your profile and book is considered advertising and it is not allowed.

Thus, I have closed your thread.

Please feel free to advertise this in the genre sections of the #share-your-story Category.

Thank you for understanding! :yellow_heart:


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