I want to DYE my hair


That’s the colour I have now, silver blond and I love it!!!


It look very good on you.


Well, I never show my face on social media but thanks :smiley: And I love the colour although the black roots are a bitch hahaha :wink::joy:


pinkish blonde


Since your hair is a lighter brown with a tinge of red coming through, I’d go with red.

It won’t dammer your hair as much if you go for a color that’s not the opposite of your natural color, and won’t be a pain to keep up with.

My brother’s a hair stylist and I worked at a few salons, and dyeing can be really tricky/bad for your hair if you don’t do it right. That’s why you have to ask a hair stylist if they’re certified in coloring. If not, they were only loosely trained and might not know all there is to know about good dyes, what and what not to do, the color chemistry, etc.