I Want To Read Books Under 500 Views!

Any story under 500 views. It doesn’t need to be complete. Lgbtq is fine. I prefer there not to be too much swearing or mature scenes.


I have two!

I have a fantasy short story with just over 200 reads. Lgbt/nonbinary love story. No mature content. (Complete)

The Story of Us


And a middle grade fantasy with under 100 reads. Just started though so not many chapters. But its growing!


Neither are mature or have swearing.

Ahh my time to glow :joy:

I think both my books come in this category one is a short story (it’s lgbtq+) which is conpleted and unedited.
And another a fantasy story(ongoing)

Kartik is finding himself in which he dreams to fly high in the sky but finds himself caged




This one is a fantasy story about Zariah

❝She is living with roses
With a smell of a wildflower
And an outlook of daisy
A perfect combination of chaos and peace.❞

On the surface, Zariah is living a beautiful life. She is surrounded by a wonderful family and a best friend she adores. Her clever, rational mind shines bright. Every day Zariah grows closer to her aspirations.

But like a flower, Zariah is sustained by roots to something deeper. To something darker. Half of her life hides in the dirt. As her life on the surface continues blissfully in the sun, the tendrils of her dark secret shoot deeper, webbing like the stories she tells. All the while this dark half travels. Down and down toward a magical force.

She continues this double life until someone sees her as she exists. Roots and all.

She struggles to trust anyone, as someone knows her secret and if it’s disclosed, the lives of everyone she has ever loved will be at stake. The future of all lies on her and she must navigate the dangerous world around her, confronting the temptations of forbidden love. One wrong move could lead to her death.

Thank you💚

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Do you maybe want to take a look at mine? It has about 50 views and I would really appreciate some feedback. :slight_smile:


Title: Protectors

Summary: Junni Huntar, Elven S’Elyan, Ellos Kenda, Nytshadow Kage, and Ivy Huntar have been friends for years. Going from one trouble to the next. After graduating from the Academy at the youngest age in its history. These five are tasked with accompanying the Master and Mistress of the Academy on a diplomatic mission. The catch? They also just happen to be Junni’s parents. On the trip home their caravan is attacked by an unknown enemy and Junni’s parents are kidnapped. Now not only is Junni just now finding out her calling, but she also has to find her parents, and avoid being kidnapped herself. Luckily she has her friends by her side, but will they be enough to help her stop the coming threat and save her parents?

I would love to! Can you send me the link?

I have two really short ones!
Blurb 1:
Prompt by @Romance:
You live alone in the wilderness, far away from civilization. One day while you were tending to your chores, a small airplane crashes on your land. Who is the unconscious pilot you find and why did the plane crash?

Link 1: https://www.wattpad.com/story/200905265-spot-contest-entry

Blurb 2:
She has a dream. But is it just a dream when it feels this real?

Link 2: https://www.wattpad.com/story/180865073-real

I have two you can chose from. I’d appreciate it you read one, thanks!


A collection of poetry.





Everyday had always been the same for Ivory, for 5 years - Wake up to the ocean waves and then have all the time in the world to do whatever. But one day everything changes and Ivory’s been the happiest she’s ever been in 5 years when a boy enters her life.

He fell from the sky and washed ashore. He was no normal human boy. He was an Angel. A fallen angel and a scarred, broken girl.

Could those blessed moments of happiness be forever though? Little did they know, they were the center of each other’s storm.


I have seven short stories in this collection, uploading one per day at this point. It has 21 reads as of now :smile:

A variety of stories that are meant for enjoyment, so far pretty lighthearted. Most (not all) are inspired by a photo, which will be placed at the end of each story so you can imagine the story first.
Hope you enjoy!

Hi! Mine has just over 300 reads. Also, completely profanity free!

Cloud Chasers

Having recently entered her adult years, Joyce Blackbird struggles to write something good to make her dreams come true.

But the people around her, constantly staring down at phones and never daring to look or talk to one another, are of no inspiration to her. The bland and boring city of Okin she lives in frustrates her.

She meets Chase Journey, a strange musician, the first person to look at her for more than one second. Through the clouds produced by his constant vaping, she learns that he, too, longs to escape reality.

He takes her to his special place, where he likes to go to be alone and away from everyone.

Soon, thanks to a special vape juice, they embark on an impossible trip in a faraway world, free from the constraints of reality. A world bathed in the essence of inner desires and melancholy for a time that once was, probably only in their minds. A world worth writing about.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/197763353-cloud-chasers

Of course! But somehow it says I cannot post links, so I just put a space between http and s. Just undo that later and it will hopefully work.

https ://www.wattpad.com/story/129234177-the-end-of-may

Do you like poetry? I’ve got a short collection! It’s complete!

Mine’s only got a couple reads, but to be fair it only has two chapters up currently. It’s updated every wednesday though.


15 years ago, a psychopathic dictator committed suicide, freeing from a chaotic and cruel rule. 15 years ago, a new government, filled with passionate people was created. 15 years ago, mankind started to make huge leaps in science, tech, and healthcare, improving everyone’s lives.

Or at least everyone that mattered. Everything that seems too good to be true is always fake. In the past, unwanted children were treated as animals: working the moment they learn to walk, until their deaths at a young age, without any education, without any hope, not even a real name. When people started leading comfortable lives, many started to have children, not realizing they weren’t able to handle them. As a result, the orphanage factories flooded with children. The new leaders didn’t care enough to change it. After all, that free labor could only benefit them.

S-845 is just another orphan. He has crushed dreams and hopes that fill his mind every waking moment. But dreams and hopes are dangerous for a nobody like him. He’s seen what happens to those who believe - and it’s never any good. But try to escape he must, for his life hangs in a precarious balance of someone else’s game. A game he has no control over.

Or does he?

link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/196233761-past-coming-back

Thank you!

Awwwnnn… A really nice gesture. Here is mine… Hope you enjoy it


TITLE: All Over Again
WRITER: @Cherry2061

BLURB: After the death of her boyfriend, Victoria blames herself for his death and promised herself never to fall in love again. Moving in with her best friend Stacey, she finds herself feeling attracted to the arrogant yet dashing Raymond Powers.

Will her love for Jason be stronger than just a mere attraction, or will she fall into the trap that is Raymond Powers?

LINK: https://my.w.tt/a96BHfnxYZ



This story of mine only has 6 views and the cover says it all, thank you :sparkling_heart:



Words hold power over our minds. Without them we would never understand each other to the extent that we do. Use them to spread poetic truth and bite your tongue if fear is your intent.


I was Adam’s wife, nothing more, nothing less. I was the perfect wife, ever the obedient, always patient. I did everything they told me to do–everything he told me to do, but in the end, none of it mattered.

My name is Eve, and I just got kicked out of Heaven.

Having lived his entire life in a monastery located in the swamps of Louisiana, Olivier has grown up under the strict watch of the other monks. Never permitted to its grounds, he knows nothing of the world beyond these stone walls.

But when a mysterious woman appears during a storm, the young monk must acknowledge a terrifying truth from his past.


When he’s suddenly cursed with bad luck, Peter Parker learns the hard way what it means when the black cat crosses your path.


I have two!

Kepler-168F is a science-fiction-fantasy. It’s not completed yet but I update it twice weekly (Mondays and Wednesdays). The story revolves around two siblings who are inhabiting a new planet, and navigating the obligations they must complete for the greater good.

SURVIVE is a dystopian-fiction-fantasy. It’s not completed, but I update it weekly, or sporadically (Updates always on Fridays). The story is about a group of friends trying to survive in a nation riddled by zombies. It contains humour, and no mature themes as of yet (none planned, anyway).



In a world filled with evil, demon hunting is a revered profession, albeit a highly dangerous one. Xellie’s older brother is one such demon hunter, renowned for his prowess. But she always gets left behind, so as not to become a liability, and she’s tired of it. Desperate to help clean up the land and prove herself to her brother, she would do anything.

One day, an offer arrives that could make her dream come true - provided she can show she’s capable and responsible enough to use such power. But is it worth it? And does she really have a choice?


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