i want to read but idk what. send me your stories

i know what i DON’T want to read, though:

  • Teen fiction
  • Stories with a main character under thirty (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE)
  • Werewolf
  • Maybe vampire but only if it has some sort of twist idk
  • Stories about royalty, whether or not they know they’re royalty
  • Stories in which the main character is some sort of warrior. e.g. i want to read about normal humans and/or aliens please and thanks
  • smut
  • fanfiction except Star Trek
  • purple prose
  • stories with 10k+ reads

points if

  • your story involves mountains/outdoor adventures of some sort (mmmm love me them mountains)
  • your story has a unique lead
  • your story does not take place in New York (oddly specific? yes)

send me them books


sorry i’m picky internal screaming

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No wonder you dont know what to read you’re picky as hell.


i suppose i could plug my own book, The Aftermath, here.

you like post apocalyptic action, adventure, and psychological horror?

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that is contingent on many things, not all of which i fully understand. i will hear the plot


gimme a minute to log onto wattpad

are you interested in short stories? Because I can help you out in that area hahaha

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Mine doesn’t fit the age thing/regular human thing, but I wanna help cuz I understand the struggle of looking. I can comb through my library to see if anything fits! I just want to double-check before I recommend anything: it sounds like fantasy is pretty much a no-go?

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wow my wattpad synopsis sucks total ass.
i need to rewrite it badly…


so basically a 7-foot tall man named Freddy survives in a post nuclear wasteland as he struggles with his schizophrenia and the dangers that are ever present in the world

sorry im trash at summarizing

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Uh…my character is under 30…but like she’s not in college or anything if that’s the reason you have a problem with characters under 30.

She’s about 23-24, but like her age doesn’t play a big role in the book.

Would I still he able to share my story on your thread?

Benjamin Peters was not always a cold-blooded murderer. At one point in his life, he was just a simple man who hoped to one day become a doctor.

But after having lived through many eras of history, he has learned that life sometimes requires committing necessary evils.

Forced to watch the same woman die over and over, Benjamin decides he will do anything to save her. Even if that includes the art of killing.


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Vampire story with a twist but mostly dark fantasy.
Drake’s Notebook



Mmh. Difficult indeed…
How about a story within the Tolkien/The Hobbit universe?
Three female MCs. A stonemason, the king’s sister and a seeress. Three couples eventually.
Action, intrigues and true love in Erebor, the ancient dwarven homestead.
Where she is right


Earth is dead.
No one has seen the surface in five years- until now. Earth died at the hands of pollution, corruption, and nuclear war; humanity has survived in bunkers far below Earth’s radioactive surface. Now, with the bunker systems failing, humanity needs to find a way to survive- five of the world’s greatest minds left are being sent on a dangerous mission: find a way to survive on the surface, or find a viable alternative. It is their only chance to save the human race.

Josephine was a biomedical Engineer before the world ended, but she’s scared she won’t be brave enough to save all of humanity all because she’s haunted by the memory of who she was.

Rebellious Atlas fought his way onto the research team, and no one knows why he is there. But he is there.

Orion journeyed to the surface for the girl he loves- but will she ever love him back?

Confronted with destroyed homeland, and haunted by secrets from their pasts, the five must fight and use their minds to survive. They always hoped to be remembered, but will they be able to save mankind?

Sky is the limit.



How about a book series? I’ve got one! It’s part of 6 book novel series I’ve been writing for almost a decade. It takes place in Hell, no human characters at all- just angels, demons, goddess and goddesses. Now, the MC’s age may be 25 in human years, but in angel years she’s over 300

Author: Rayven Luna Nite
Title of the book: Angel Diaries
Story description:
Mystic Realms Book 1
“Whoever said one person can’t make a difference was wrong.”
I’m Nyxie, an angel of Heaven. Or at least I used to be. Why? Well, during the wars of Heaven and Hell, I turned on Heaven. Why? Love, but this isn’t your typical love story-at all. I fell from grace and now live in Hell. And ya know what, I regret nothing!
But in a realm where demons still despise and even kill angels, can I survive or will Hell swallow me like the sinners it judges? I’m living life in a new and dangerous place.

(Translations at bottom of chapters)

Fantasy|Romance|Action|Drama|Psychology|Mature Themes In Some Chapters (TW’s Given)
Psychology in terms of mental illness


“I’m sorry!” Nyx sounded like she was crying. “I tried to stop it!”
“Well you didn’t try hard enough, it happened anyway!”
Len leaned in close. “Seems she’s getting it, too.”
“I can’t explain this! It’s like my brain just shuts off except to him!”
A loud snap and a shriek echoed dully. “You’re more mature than that! Better than that!”
Another loud snap, now followed by a deep wolf’s growl. “You didn’t have to fucking hit me, you old fucking bat!”
“Someone has to knock some sense into you!” It sounded like Kali hit her again.
The walls shook a little following a loud crash. “Keep your hands off of me!”
There was some shuffling. “Keep your hands off of the snake. You’ve no idea the fire you’re playing with.”
“I’ve played with fire and lived. I can handle myself.” More shuffling. “I SAID DON’T TOUCH ME!” Now glass broke and there was a fading shriek. Len and Salax jumped back from the door. Nyxie stormed out, growling and wiping blood from her claws and face. The two looked into her room and saw it was mess.

Status: Complete
Author: Rayven Luna Nite
Title: Goddess Diaries
Mystic Realms Book 2- Sequel to Angel Diaries
Hell has accepted me as their Goddess. At least they’re sure of me, because I’m not.
I still have no idea what the hell I’m doing or if I’m even doing a good job. My life is just a mystery at this point, I never know what’s going to happen next.
When tragedy strikes, I put myself through a nightmare for the family I love.
Can I do it again when a war is called?

(Translations at bottom of chapters)

Fantasy|Romance|Action|Drama|Psychology|Mature Themes In Some chapters (TW’s Given)
Psychology in terms of mental illness


Where was she going? He watched as Len argued with Abyssia, Kali tried her best not to laugh and Ally tried to help ease everyone. He walked out, following Nyx’s scent. It led him to her garden. He stayed behind the wall just by the back of the garden.
“What am I going to do?”
“You still love him, don’t you?”
Who was she talking to? Salax carefully leaned over, seeing Nyx talking with her friend Zuko.
“Yes, but I’m with Salax. I shouldn’t love him anymore.”
“You said the same thing when the situation was reversed, more or less. I digress. What does your heart say?”
“Kill me.”

Status: Ongoing, frequent updates


let’s hear it

eh i’m being too picky and probably limiting myself tbh. people can recommend whatever they want but whether i read it or not depends on my mood, not quality at all :joy:

that sounds really lit. i’ll add yours to my list

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yeah go ahead, it’s not college i have a problem with, just the whole self discovery plot. which there’s nothing wrong with, but like, not my cup of tea you know?

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this also sounds lit, i will add this to my list

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